JSO Meeting Notes 2/27

Town Hall is tomorrow at 9:30pm, be there as there is no social event this week! Pass the Torch is April 17th from 11–1 Faculty of the Month is coming up 3 For Free No notable updates Some potholes have been fixed! Lights on stairs from President's Building to Volkman Motion sensored lights in Fitness Center Talked with Ceroni about getting the athletic schedule online International 25 Int, 15 Trad, 5 commuters at Epic Air on Thursday Free coffee at Jerry's on the 15th Social Feed My Starving Children: 23 attendees, raised $60.28 for packaging Dennys afterwards Gave away all 40 tickets to Belated Valentines, people in the play appreciated students Preparation for Spring Dance this week and w

JSO Meeting Notes 2/20

Homecoming Meeting from 3–5pm today at Didier's Den Parents weekend 3 For Free Updates Working with Campus Safety to get access for students to 5th floor Working with Athletics to get a schedule up Working with Plant Ops for clearing paths, moving light switch in Upper Common New Concerns Potholes (can be filled when it is warm Bridge graffiti covered over – Need to reach out to city Lower Wilson has dirt everywhere after plumbing fix Second Floor Library & Wilson first floor water fountain not working International Flagpole empty, flag may be on the ground rn Working on Wilson Wifi this morning Commuters and Internationals Epic Air on Thursday Reservation for 50–100, only at 30, opening up

JSO Meeting Notes 2/13

Happy Valentines Day! Passed around cards for Caf and Plant Ops for work with snow this past week Hiring season is upon us Keep up the hard work in class, make it count! Kennedy emailing people about 3 For Free 3 For Free Path by chapel is being cleared out! Are other lots besides Volkman being cleared out? Not enough washers and dryers in Volkman, can we get more? Campus Safety locking up buildings early Athletics practice schedule posted for the public Open Dorm Survey 341 residents, 21 commuters took survey Student Life looking at it now Everyday option picked by 79% of people Looking at how this can promote community Keep talking about $500 drawing Internationals Just had Sounds of Judso


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