JSO Meeting Notes 3/27

Rachel got a puppy! Registration is going on, make sure you're doing that and helping out students who have questions Commuter President results: Jared Ludwig and Sam Carani 3 For Free Update: Kerry is responding to needs and working on getting fixes 10+ people showed up with concern about students using baseball field when not in use for other sports Is there a procedure that students can go through to utilize the facility Speed bump in creek down by bridge Commuters Panda Event moving to Thursday, same time International Had event Sunday night for FIFA tournament and spa night, about 20 came out Meeting Thursday about International Chapel on April 17 Social Collaborated with Intramurals fo

JSO Meeting Notes 3/20

Happy Spring (tomorrow) Faculty/Staff of the month this meeting, be thinking about those Registration — Make sure you're making yourself available to help with students that have question Strategic Planning Summit April 4th at 3pm — Good opportunity to see whats going on with campus plans Rachel Light updates: work order in to move switch outside of Chris' office Family Weekend Combining Alumni Homecoming and Family Weekend the week after student Homecoming and Dance —Small events that showcase what your student is doing rather than large campus-wide events —Work with local businesses to get deals Journey Move to weekend before Spring Semester: We don't think that students would want to come

JSO Meeting Notes 3/13

Welcome back from Spring Break! Pass the Torch – April 17th 11–1am 3 For Free Emailed Carey Satterwhite Working on clearing lower Wilson and water fountains in Wilson and Library Emailed about lights going from Admissions to Volkman Door sticks in Math and Science building Lights at Volkman didn't get fixed over break? Update? Update on gym scheduling IM Schedule on Campus Events App? Open Dorm Abby was able to talk to Student Life about Open Dorm Information going out tomorrow about changes starting next week Commuters February had epic air event with internationals Next event in two weeks, probably food event March Madness challenge for commuters started Internationals Free coffee from Jer


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