JSO Meeting Notes 4/24/18

First Tuesday Meeting with the 2018-2019 JSO Team!!!!!! GroupMe - Main way of communication - We want to over communicate, during the school year and the summer - Tell me something Tuesdays Student Leader Welcome Party - Thompson Hall, Wednesday April 25 at 9:30 PM Rachel - Her role on JSO - Advisor to JSO and works with Andrew Finley and the exec team to connect them to the university in order to get the student voices heard - Casey Sundstedt also works with JSO as the associate dean of students to make sure the students are being advocated for 3 for free - A concern with the shutting down of on campus storage for the summer. In the past, students were allowed to store 7 items and they woul

JSO Meeting Notes 4/10

Last Regular JSO Meeting :'( Joe is famous in the Strategic Planning booklet! JSO taking picture outside after meeting Got Thoughts External and Marketing Coming together for Got Thoughts survey Quick survey during lunch Wednesday/Thursday Candy bars for taking the survey Opportunity for commuters too 3 For Free Baseball is letting students use the field on designated days Getting to Creekside is hard with loose gravel and potholes Accessibility going past Admissions to fitness center Housing Lottery communication was difficult Some people with fewer credits had an earlier time than people with more Volkman rooms changed numbers of residents unnanounced Students seem to be housed where they

JSO Meeting Notes 4/3

Taylor Hot Seat and then promptly leaves Strategic Planning Summit April 5th at 3 in Thulin please show up if you can 3 For Free Baseball update: working with Gasman to Still working on open gym schedule up on app New lights up in Volkman Goose poop? Diversity of food in Caf, more vegetarian options, spacing out food better Leadership Team Introduction Lisa Jarrot - VP Student Life Dr. Sartor - VP Diversity and Spiritual Development Nancy Binger - VP Enrollment & Strategic Planning Devlin Donaldson - VP External Relations Ginny Guth - VP Student Success, Registrar Tena Robotham - Executive Assistant Dr. Friesen - Provost, bringing the pizza bar to the caf over the summer Dr. Crume - Presiden


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