Meeting Notes - 11.27.18

LAST MEETING OF THE SEMESTER - Sign up for finals week events. We are asking that we all sign up for one spot each. The Annual "Jundie" Awards Club Updates BSU Mapping out things fro next semester Spikeball Tournament last week with a great turn out and lots of pizza. Saturday there will be indoor play. Judson for Freedom Having a meeting Friday to discuss next semester and working on marketing materials. T-shirts to come! Judson Disc Golf Mapping out next semesters competitive league. Creative Society Recording session took place 2 weeks ago, and people were able to record their work. Went very well, and people loved it! Planning to see how to use the rest of the budget during finals week.


One more Tuesday meeting for the semester! Shark Tank this Thursday 6-9pm Club Updates Disc Golf: Slowing down for semester, won't meet right after thanksgiving but will keep meeting at planning JBS: Event this week! Jeopardy with extra credit. Creative Society: Open to all recording session open to all this Saturday Judson For Freedom: Fundraiser event cancelled. Email BSU: No meeting tonight. Dr. Sartor will be sponsoring thanksgiving dinner on Thursday ESS: Last chapel tomorrow Spikeball: Tourney this Sunday with Papa Johns Improv: Practicing 2-3 times a week thinking another show in the beginning of december 3 For Free: Water drain detached. Key cards in the fitness center may be fixed!


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