Meeting Notes - 01.22.19

Campus Influencers Chapel and Fair - Student Leader Applications are live, deadline is February 6th, and February 1st for Student Body President - Encourage the next wave of student leaders to apply! Student Leader Rally - Wednesday January 30th @ 9:30pm - We should all try to bring 2 people to this event, because it is a great way to get people involved - 80% of people that attended the event last year ended up on student leadership this year - We all have a huge impact by talking to those around us! Intramurals - Chris Drenth - Registration closes at February 6 - Soccer is on Sunday at 8pm - Basketball is on Thursdays at 9:30pm - Encourage people to sign up and play! Be talking about it, a

Meeting Notes - 01.15.19

Welcome Back Everyone! - JSO retreat recap - Welcome Back Clubs Campus Influencers Chapel this Friday - Student Leader Fair in Upper Commons this Friday from 11am - 1pm Be inviting your friends to the chapel and rally to get them all excited! Applications for student leadership go live on Friday, so encourage people to fill that out and it will be sent out via email. Commuters will eat free in the Caf this Friday for lunch' JSO Values (Rachel) To Connect: to connect students with one another, to connect students to events, and to connect the JSO team to the student body. Keep the approachable and welcoming atmosphere, because we have built that atmosphere up so well around campus! Club Updat


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