Meeting Notes 09/18/20

Opening Prayer Club Updates Clubs selected and representatives present Overview of Club Manual – guidelines for clubs on campus Club Fair on September 30th in Upper Commons at 12pm Creative Society: students can gather and plan events that are creative in nature BSU: finalizing leadership, first meeting will be Thursday 24th, HAWAC 221 JU Improv: figuring out ways to present Improv this year, possible Facebook lives Specific guidelines for events and planning will be sent out 3 for Free – time to express concerns about campus Path walking back from HAWAC to Wilson, (Quad) lights are out Straws aren’t given at the dining hall with the cup, concerned with how cups are being handled Wearing mas

Meeting Notes 09/11/20

Opening Prayer and Introductions Director of Marketing & Communications: Mary Dulabaum Discuss relationship between JSO and University Sharing student life on public profiles through JSO Call for student photographers 3 for Free – time to express concerns about campus Men’s bathrooms sinks do not work in HAWAC Women’s bathrooms sinks, only a few do not work Dining hall – inquiring to open outdoor seating on patio HAWAC back door from parking lot – could be something wrong with keycards Commuter Lounge is still locked, will reach out to PlantOps Social Update Teddy: VP of Social Avengers Movie Night went well Upcoming events: Taco Tuesday will be outside of JSO office, if it rains it will

Meeting Notes 09/08/20

Opening Prayer Club Updates Working on club applications and club manual Go on the website, fill out application, Exec team will decide on 6 clubs to sponsor JSO manual- sets guidelines for what the clubs have to do, club representative will come to weekly meetings, needs a sponsor, prepaid gift card (new) for the club budget Will send a link in the Sunday email, posters around campus for marketing about creating clubs By mid-Sept. we will have a list of the clubs published 3 for Free – time to express concerns about campus Trash outside the dining hall - groups sit outside when capacity is met, the current one is getting filled up – we will reach out to PlantOps to see if they can pick up t


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