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Meeting Notes 09.07.2021


3-for-3 Concerns:

· Campus Safety is planning to come to the next JSO Meeting, be ready to share your concerns and come with questions!

· Air conditioners in Volkman are moldy and need to be looked at, work orders need to be completed and checked for

· The WiFi in Lindner is slow and there is often no connectio

Club/Union Updates

· Club sing-ups will end soon


Social Update

Kelly: VP of Social

· Friday: Commuter BBQ hosted by Commuter presidents will begin at 5pm, open to all residents and students at 6pm

· Wingo will also be on Friday at 7pm

· Taste of Judson - next week! Please reach out to the International presidents if you would like to participate!


Marketing Update

Lizeth: VP of Marketing

· Working on designing posters for the events on Friday

· Creative Director, Kaylie is designing marketing materials for Homecoming!

· Video reveal is also in the works


Administrative Update

Riley: President

· Need JSO members help for setting up events this weekend

· Homecoming tickets can be paid through cash or card


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