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JSO Meeting Minutes 11/14

Abby welcomes us all. Rachel at faculty celebration. Grant taking notes.


Lights in upper commons off on the weekends

Only one water spigot from Kennedy. Uproar about water and lemonade.

Abby suggests emailing Bobby about the water.

Freezing in Lindner Tower. Volkman fixed.

Lighting for Volkman basketball court at night?

Good things on campus:

Took away the speed bumps

Lighting on campus

Door to HAWAC

No sand on the path from Volkman to Chapel

Ellie's internship is at admissions and they made it accessible for her to get into her job with her wheel chair

React quickly to needs and wants on campus

Cleaning up the leaves on campus quickly

Talk about the present

Moved from Wednesday to Thursday this week.

Round of applause for Kennedy and his award in Springfield

Got to meet people who are the "future of Illinois"

Hung out with Crume

Got to expand knowledge

Shook Governor's hand

Living high on life


Social update:

Great turnout for JUGT


No more human board games because of schedule

No End November to encourage all events and get people out to events

Hoops and Scoops

Karaoke —final event— still working on details

Let's Taco Bout It before Karaoke

Commuter update:

Chic-fil-a good turnout

Not as much feedback as hoped

Survey sent out and good feedback from that

International and BSU event:

Tacos, chips, salsa, Nigerian snack

Got to talk about things going through and what they can do to use that



Event on Sunday

Game night 11/13

Let's chill

Next week last meeting for the semester


Breakfast to every ESS student during finals. Working on details.

No event planned

Creative Society

Every event Tuesday

Got together for lunch with people

Survey out for events

Posters with workshops they are providing

Tonight — steel wool photography at 9 in Lindner Tower

Disc Golf

Prizes for winner, working on it


Fantasy Finance

Taken over by JSO

Shark Tank this week


Closing up shop on events

USA spikeball membership — looking at cost


No show

Event Saturday

Hosting Shark Tank


One more event for semester — workshop on printer

Marketing Announcement Mabri


Club meetings on the app

Clubs dismissed

Executive Retreat


First workshop: big assumptions on achieving a goal

Trying to walk up an escalator thats going down

Each of us has a lot more potential than we think

Second workshop: 25 worst mistakes student government can make

Bad communication: we can still work on it

Not planning for the future


Secret behind doors. Be open to the public

Not focusing on classwork

Third workshop: Create a signature program

We killed it

We have a lot of stuff that others do not have

Most student governments don't have a signature program

External branch interviews


Asking questions about communication or how to make campus better

Working on documentation to remember

Working on getting back to people on their concerns and how we are working with what they gave us


Meeting with a few people this week

Jarod/Jordan told him who to talk to

Find people to talk to

1151 Update


Contact with firm and architect to get more finalized budget and what we need to do

Meeting tomorrow

After meeting be able to actually sit down with donors

Christmas with the Crumes

December 1st

Saturday the 6th of January we are all back for training


Kennedy to Hicks

1151 lots of work done behind the scenes

"Thanks buddy" –Hicks

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