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JSO Meeting Minutes 1/16/18

Abby welcomes us all

Thank Jarod for the new seating

God and germs are everywhere- stay healthy

3 for free

Sidewalks not clear by HAWAC

Sidewalk not clear by Ohio

Student in hospital and slipped on the ice on the sidewalks

Keep sidewalks salted

Pond has not been checked yet – campus safety


Less washers and dryers in Wilson

Price went up. Way more expensive

Washer in Ohio skipped spin cycle

They work

Open dorm

Got rid of the tile rule in Volkman.

RD and RA on duty every night why can there not be open dorm every night.

Have more hours for open dorm

More lounge areas available if there are not going to be more open dorm hours

There is no place to go hang outside so where are we supposed to go

The lounges are crowded.

Not just for couples but also for just friends/group projects


New map in the upper commons with all the international students

Going bowling this weekend


Zza factory – Thursday 25th

Trying to not have a chipotle moment again

Email to be sent out today

Survey results: no replies


Past weekend

Glow bowl - 182 people

Ice cream social – 100 people

this coming week

windy city bulls

19 spots taken so far


Disk golf

not doing much because of the snow

Aaron foster is going to be co-leading the club to take over next year.

Meeting with crume to develop a team to compete in Georgia

Spike ball



Risograph workshop last month

Meeting on Thursday for upcoming events


Jarod is scripting a short video of updates

Town hall coming up

Kennedy got no follow ups on his dates


Progress has been made even

Poor communication to Student Body about Progress

Met with builder. Estimated what it would be to do the project.

Big budget but we have a big God.

Want to make a professionally done promo video

need to know who would want to do that

30 second video of images and proposed plan to tell the students what is up & get some hype


Working with 1151 on video


Simi and Ryan

Hot seat


Next up: Jordan Taylor

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