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JSO Meeting Minutes 1/23

New Storage in Office from Social Branch

Journey Retreat coming up! Encourage Sophomores to go

Can come just for Friday night if busy Saturday

Will talk about student leadership next year so bring people that are interested

Thank you from All Nations Sports

$500 Raffles starts with Movie night, advertising for that

Thank you Taylor for sending out budget

Open Dorm survey going out soon, approved by Rachel and Casey

Need 300 responses to continue discussion

3 for Free

Sidewalks by HAWAC and below chapel not being cleared to street, making pile that has to be stepped over

Sidewalks are sunk down so they flood by Volkman

Upper Commons lights off at night

5th floor lounge in Lindner not accessible to non-resident

Eagle Buck amounts are not showing up as correct

Getting good amount of response from commuters about parking spots

Feels like there are more commuters with cars coming on campus

Volkman parking expanded?

Waffle mix stay out at dinner

Hot water in contaiers


Welcome back this weekend, put pictures on map, went bowling the next day

Looking at Sounds of Judson, getting a signup list for people to bring food


Lunch at ZZA Factory on Thursday

Twice as many responses for the survey as last semester: gas card incentive working


Windy City Bulls game last weekend, went well, free Big Macs

This Friday watching Trolls in Reed Room with concessions, look for trolls hidden around campus

Week after doing Sounds of Judson Open Mic


Creative Society

Chris Britton and Reggie Legend coming in to do workshops about stage presence

Show at end of year with people from community

Meeting Wednesday at 11 in Library


Davis and Alex as co-leaders

Had auditions last week and added 3 new people

Doing workshops in practice


First meeting monday (Monday at 9 in Alumni room)

Looking to market and get new faces coming to the meeting, no pressure in coming to meetings


Meeting today (No regular meeting time)

ESS Chapel on Feb 16th

Finding speakers for that; topic is Fruits of the Spirit

Disc Golf

League starting in next couple weeks

Sunday at 1:30 by Volkman


First meeting (Saturdays at 11 in Gym)

Working on figuring out tournament with other clubs


Working with high school students with marketing competition

Working with Kilbourne to set up structure for next year


Had meeting to figure out events for semester

Jan 27th Snap Off photo shoot

Clubs dismissed

Faculty of Month

Tre Rubin (3) – lots of positive things heard since he came in, getting involved,

Tom Attamian (2) – Kind soul, supportive, swipes Jared into caf

Cindy Zarris – super helpful, does a ton for architecture, always has a smile on her face

Dr. Sartor (3) – very involved with masters program, gives good connections to students and is passionate about students

Scott Brunsting (5) – Did a ton with Riverside and Jerry's to get it started for semester, conversational, always on top of requests, good with details working with JSO

Dr Crume – Role as professor, brings in good contacts and wisdom to students for use in business world, very invested in project and students

Gloria (4) – here over break, asked basketball teams how they were doing, hardworking, always happy and asking how you're doing


Shooting update video for students today, let students know what the project is about

Looking into professionally done video for promotion, for donor base


Gif of $500 on social media

Chance to win by going to JSO events, starting with movie night

Scanning in for first half hour with Check Im Here

Almost 10 opportunities

Monthly update video

Filming at Sunday meeting this week

See what has happened and been accomplished

See Google Doc to fill out what has happened


Training in the city for Journey retreat

Strengthsfinder – encouraging people to live out of their strengths

Looking to share those things with JSO

JSO Hiring

Hiring a new CAP for this semseter

Hiring for next year starts this Friday

Student leader chapel playing Family Feud

Abby B talking at chapel as well

Abby J is going to wear a mustache

Student Leader Rally Monday night in Creekside. There will be donuts.

Invite people, fill out invites that we have to encourage people

Will be checking people into student leader rally

Golden Pineapple

Logan – for being proactive in getting marketing out for events

Hot Seat: Jordan

In 2nd grade – once got lost looking for his ruler (ran away)

Up Next: Grant

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