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JSO Weekly Meeting Notes 1/30


Thank you for coming to Student Leader Rally

Student Leader Applications are open now so apply

Open Dorm Survey going out today, encourage people to appy

Having a Table out for Bonnie on Friday as she is retiring in a couple of weeks?

Updated budget sent out on Monday

3 For Free

Lights still off in Upper Commons during weekends

People have asked where the chalk drawings in chapel went?

Volkman lights – all of them

Tacos for the Cafeteria

Laundry machines have been down in Volkman

Are people knowledgeable about the laundry? JSO opportunity

Laundry not drying

Only 3 machines can get crowded

Schedule for when the gym is being used?

Concern about where Student Life Fee is going. Video opportunity?

1151 Student video

January Update Video

Joe is a movie actor

Journey Retreat

Registration open till Thursday

28 signed up right now, hoping for 50

Talk about it


Working with Internationals and Epic Air to do a dual event February 22nd


Working with commuters

Doing prep for Sounds of Judson this week


Trolls was this last week

Sounds of Judson Open Mic this Saturday in HAWAC

Winter Olympics planned for February 10th: games and hot pretzels



Still working with Chris Britton for workshop

Working with Chris Lash to figure out budgeting


Talked about #metoo movement at meeting last night

Good conversation, slightly lower turnout

Club movie night: black


Valentines Day Card making workshop February 11th

Open for everyone


Meeting at 11 on Saturdays

Working towards making a group for a regional tournament second weekend of Sring Break


Meeting and chapel coming up


Tentative calendar for the semester

Internship Workshop in February

Helping students put together schedule for next semester

Disc Golf

First Week this Sunday

Looking for more turnout as it get warmers


Posting 1151 Video today

Open Dorm survey out today

Showing a video in Chapel

Thursday sending out monthly update video

Instagram: posting pictures for Sounds of Judson

Working on singing chicken videos for Wingo next week

Volkman Town Hall

Sending out an email about it to residents

Fin and Jarod leading Town Hall Wednesday night

Enocurage people to attend for future possibility of living there

Golden Pineapple

Logan gives it Jordan

"Role model CAP, super positive and encouraging"

Hot Seat


The boot is a fashion statement – less socks

Guilty pleasure song: Pocket Full of Sunshine

Wants to bring Alan back from the dead

Monica on the hot seat next week

Jared pray out

Carry out boxes

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