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JSO Meeting Notes 2/13

Happy Valentines Day!

Passed around cards for Caf and Plant Ops for work with snow this past week

Hiring season is upon us

Keep up the hard work in class, make it count!

Kennedy emailing people about 3 For Free

3 For Free

Path by chapel is being cleared out!

Are other lots besides Volkman being cleared out?

Not enough washers and dryers in Volkman, can we get more?

Campus Safety locking up buildings early

Athletics practice schedule posted for the public

Open Dorm Survey

341 residents, 21 commuters took survey

Student Life looking at it now

Everyday option picked by 79% of people

Looking at how this can promote community

Keep talking about $500 drawing


Just had Sounds of Judson

Working with commuters to go to Epic Air next Thursday


Nobody showed up to Commuter Town Hall, relook at marketing for that

Get a system set up for Epic Air with deposits to make sure people come


Winter Games this Saturday with pretzels, hot chocolate, broomball, and sledding

Chicago Wolves tickets giving out to students for Saturday

Wingo 2.0 this Sunday with wings, bingo and Trivia

Thursday the 22nd sending 50 people to Feed My Starving Children in Schaumburg, packaging meals and then going to Denny's for dinner

Next Friday and Saturday trying to get tickets to Belated Valentine show for students

Spring dance after Spring Break at Lord's Park Pavillion, 50's sock hop theme



Having chapel on Friday, having students talk on Fruits of the Spirit and games


Looking for more regular attendants on Saturdays

Going to try and go to a tournament in Chicago


Doing advising at meeting of the majors for schedules

Judson For Freedom

Started club

Shining a light on human trafficking, creating awareness

Using Social Media to create awareness

Day marking red x's on hand, taking picture with everyone wearing red


Concert Monday night

Going to go see Black Panther on Thursday

Disc Golf

Waiting on weather to get better so we can play

Might change time to meet to get more people out


Planning on show for March 1st


Had Valentine's Day Cardmaking event this Sunday

Meeting with members to make committees for future events coming up


Work with JSO to connect for tournament/event?

Clubs Dismissed

Student Service Award Voting

Hiring Process

Applications closed for JSO

President Elect will work on schedule, hire vice presidents before rest of team

Should be hearing about interviews next week


Town Hall

1151/All Campus Town Hall "Let's Taco Bout It"

9:30pm on the 28th as of now


Student representation on academic committees

Looking to get some students in positions where their voices can be heard


Doing social media promotion to get more follows

Still pushing the $500 prize

Pineapple Award

Tori wins the award!

For her hard work behind the scenes of CAPs, never drawing attention to herself

Hot Seat


"I'm a reader, but I'm not a reader"

Joe is next week

President Nomination

Andrew Finley has met all the requirements to apply for the President Elect

Nobody else has applied for the position

Nominated by Abigail Jungles (JSO) and Andrew Rogers (Non-JSO)

Andrew Finley is now the official JSO President Elect

Welcome party in Didier's Den this Thursday

Taking over the role in April at Pass the Torch

Rachel prayed us out

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