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JSO Meeting Notes 2/20

Homecoming Meeting from 3–5pm today at Didier's Den

Parents weekend

3 For Free


Working with Campus Safety to get access for students to 5th floor

Working with Athletics to get a schedule up

Working with Plant Ops for clearing paths, moving light switch in Upper Common

New Concerns

Potholes (can be filled when it is warm

Bridge graffiti covered over – Need to reach out to city

Lower Wilson has dirt everywhere after plumbing fix

Second Floor Library & Wilson first floor water fountain not working

International Flagpole empty, flag may be on the ground rn

Working on Wilson Wifi this morning

Commuters and Internationals

Epic Air on Thursday

Reservation for 50–100, only at 30, opening up to trad students today


Wingo this Sunday with Dr Shannon doing bingo and playing Kahoot

Feed My Starving Children this Thursday from 8–9:30, Denny's afterwards

Reserved tickets to "A Belated Valentine" play for students on Friday and Saturday

Looked at Spring Dance, at Lord's Park Pavillion, giving away a FitBit



Had Major's chapel, went well


Had 2 new members this weekend

Looking at tournaments in the future

Creative Society

Working with the Caf to partner with St. Patricks Day meal on Saturday

Working with Chris Britton in future

Survey for creative workshop

Judson for Freedom

Event This thursday from 11–1pm, group photo at 12:30

Raffle for students posting on social media


Meeting Thursdays and Tuesdays

First show is March 1st in Thulin Auditorium "One of Us Is a Horse"


Monday meetings as usual

Teaming with Lisa Townsel, Alisha Barnaby for Talk About Hair

On 28th doing a blackout for Black History Month

Disc Golf

Waiting for better weather


Meeting on Thursday to get events planned for rest of semester


Event during chapel this friday

Worked with student's degree audition

Looking to do a LinkedIn Workshop

Budget coming in tonight


Meeting with Kristen Eagen to discuss fundraising for the project

Town hall for Campus/1151

Feb 28th at 9:30pm

There will be tacos

Posters out

Dr. Crume will be there

Looking at marketing

Kennedy looking for people to talk to

Send him an email with suggestions for people


Filming for what happened in February this Sunday

Social Media contest

Tagging friends over multiple social media accounts

Prizes with that


Ginny Guth and Hasi Smith

Most important people are the students


Information is up to date and going out on a regular frequency


Quality of social media posts

Leading up to events working with designers

Utilize calendar and website, updating calendar

Verification on Twitter

Social media system of checks and balances

Repetition of content for multiple events

Students aren't reading weekly events email, feel like they're sending too many emails


Can populate MyJudson Calendar with JSO events

Events app is being used by students, particularly freshmen after orientation week

GEN101 used as a tool to help build foundations for student communication

Hot Seat


Is actually a giraffe

Next Week: Abby Burgett


Starting next week, Hiring Exec Team Friday before Spring Break

Golden Pineapple


Very humble and easy to work with

Does the little things outside of JSO

Worked through sickness but still helped out

Entire Leadership Team here next week

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