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JSO Meeting Notes 2/27

Town Hall is tomorrow at 9:30pm, be there as there is no social event this week!

Pass the Torch is April 17th from 11–1

Faculty of the Month is coming up

3 For Free

No notable updates

Some potholes have been fixed!

Lights on stairs from President's Building to Volkman

Motion sensored lights in Fitness Center

Talked with Ceroni about getting the athletic schedule online


25 Int, 15 Trad, 5 commuters at Epic Air on Thursday

Free coffee at Jerry's on the 15th


Feed My Starving Children: 23 attendees, raised $60.28 for packaging

Dennys afterwards

Gave away all 40 tickets to Belated Valentines, people in the play appreciated students

Preparation for Spring Dance this week and week after Spring Break

Dance March 16th at 8pm, signing up for tables outside caf

Dress code suggestion – Greese style, less formal

Kickball Tournament working with Intramurals

Lip Sync coming up, 4 teams signed up out of 10, sending word out more



Had a meeting Saturday, meeting Thursday to plan a tournament


March15th 6pm LinkedIn workshop with headshots, work on profiles

Adulting workshop bringing back alumni


Meeting with people to get planning for events

Hamilton Type is next event on the 17th


Last practice before show on Thursday at 9

Judson for Freedom

Figuring out event for March

Maybe working with local law enforcement for an event

Creative Society

Recording/Jam session in Dark Room this Friday

Looking at Open Mic night with Gospel Church in Elgin

St Patricks Day workshop with Fresh Ideas on the 17th


Meeting last night, talking about being united

Wearing all black tomorrow for Black History Month, picture after chapel


No updates as of now


Wednesday at 9:30

Free Tacos

Dr Crume will be there

Update on 1151, on campus in general

"This event is Homecoming for External Branch"

Faculty of the Month

Scott Brunsting IIIIIII, makes work easy, gets us what we need when we need it

Laurie Culshaw III, battling health issues but still going

Dr. Sartor, engaged with students working with diveristy

Casey Sunstedt II, working with Open Dorm policy

Gallagher, Set up a job fair and has been working tirelessly

Cindy Zharis II, Just finished letters for Sophomore Mid program review, always there for students

Susan is new manager of the Caf, doing great job taking over on that


Two videos going out in chapel – Spring Dance and 1151 Video

Update video posted on Friday morning

Dr Crume on the eagle is going up in Upper Commons today

Golden Pineapple

Alexus for being easy to work with, a consistent CAP that is great at getting the job done

Hot Seat

Abby Burgett

Creighton is next week

Budget is now updated!

Happy Spring Break!

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