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JSO Meeting Notes 3/20

Happy Spring (tomorrow)

Faculty/Staff of the month this meeting, be thinking about those

Registration — Make sure you're making yourself available to help with students that have question

Strategic Planning Summit April 4th at 3pm — Good opportunity to see whats going on with campus plans


Light updates: work order in to move switch outside of Chris' office

Family Weekend

Combining Alumni Homecoming and Family Weekend the week after student Homecoming and Dance

—Small events that showcase what your student is doing rather than large campus-wide events

—Work with local businesses to get deals


Move to weekend before Spring Semester: We don't think that students would want to come back early after brake


Does it need to be in Chicago? Mixed opinions

Cycle through 4 set locations? Doesn't allow for reveal


Wednesday 28th doing Panda Express for commuters

Commuter elections opened up today


Free coffee event last Thursday

FIFA tournament and Spa night


Spring dance last week, good turnout, thank you for all the help

Collaboration with Intramurals for kickball tournament this Friday

Break for Easter

Lip Sync on the 7th in the Chapel


Judson Improv

Still practicing

Judson Creative Society

This Friday open mic event in Studio B

Judson For Freedom

Movie next week for discussion with students


Looking for new board and president

Cookout at end of year

Weekly Meetings


Had LinkedIn workshop, slightly low turnout

Adulting Workshop next week


Meeting outside Upper Commons now

Tournament in April with cookout


Saw Windy City Bulls Arena


Had Type Workshop in Wisconsin this Saturday

Chopped-style workshop coming up soon

Disc Golf

Continuing with Saturdays to get more people out


Had meeting to brainstorm fundraising ideas, have good list to move forward with fundraising

Setting up goals and timeline for fundraising

Ohio Townhall

This Wednesday at 9:30 in Ohio, talking about what can be improved for students next year coming up

Faculty of the Month

Rachel 4 — helping in areas that she doesn't have to, genuinely cares for students, supportive as JSO teams transition for next year

Lauren Meranda 2 — Super helpful with Type trip and is always providing opportunities, for students, gives us a real dose of life

Jim Stahr 3 — Very willing to help students one-on-one with work, helpful with advising

Dr. Vaughn — Great relationships with students, helpful in advising and working with students with classes

Susan Narwocki — Great doing all the different types of works going on in the caf

IT Department 4 — working behind the scenes, don't get recognition that they deserve, got us the music equipment that we needed for Spring Dance

Cindy Zarris — makes the architecture department run smoothly, so hospitable and joyful

Leslie Kruser — supportive of JBS., checks in with students even when they don't have class with them

Dr. Crume — Went to Belize over Spring Break, active with donors and 1151 Initiative, taking time out of his schedule for others

Kimberly Bud — New chair of ministry department, worked through that new role despite a difficult year, still very active in students' lives


Bonding last night at Main Event

Month review video filming next week


April 15th – Rachel's house at 3pm last hurrah

April 17th – Pass the Torch

WLF Sign-up – Link in GroupMe

Evals coming up soon for stipend

Keep talking about $500 raffle

List sending out for calendar for end of year

Hot Seat 1 – Kennedy

Pineapple – Suze for facilitating the dance and all her hard work planning

Hot Seat 2 – Liz

Still to go: Mabri, Daniel, Tori, Taylor, Alexus

Next Week: Taylor at beginning of the meeting, Daniel at end

Grant Pray Out

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