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JSO Meeting Notes 3/27

Rachel got a puppy!

Registration is going on, make sure you're doing that and helping out students who have questions

Commuter President results: Jared Ludwig and Sam Carani

3 For Free

Update: Kerry is responding to needs and working on getting fixes

10+ people showed up with concern about students using baseball field when not in use for other sports

Is there a procedure that students can go through to utilize the facility

Speed bump in creek down by bridge


Panda Event moving to Thursday, same time


Had event Sunday night for FIFA tournament and spa night, about 20 came out

Meeting Thursday about International Chapel on April 17


Collaborated with Intramurals for Kickball tournament on Friday

Full 8 teams showed up which was great

No event with Easter Weekend

Lip Sync Battle Royale on April 7th

Cheesecake and fun side events

Tie Dye and Bags day on April 14th



Nothing new


Movie night on April 6th

Disc Golf

League going on, but still kinda cold, waiting for warm weather for bigger numbers


Adulting workshop tonight to talk about transition into the work life

Working on getting JBS t-shirts

High school marketing competition in April

Creative Society

Event on Friday night

Great turnout and just kept going with acts till midnight

Judson For Freedom

Reel Conversation tonight "I Am Jane Doe" with Dr. Vaughn

Picking a date in April for an event, working with organizations in the community


Still meeting regularly on Mondays

Looking for board members for next year


Helping out with Chapel Drama Team for a skit in Drama Chapel

Next show: Friday the 26th


One week left of soccer before championship

Basketball finishing up soon as well


Not meeting this week because of Easter

Working on a cookout tournament

Clubs dismissed


Ohio Town Hall on Wednesday at 9:30

Talking about living in Ohio and then also moving towards living in Lindner

Talked with Bo about maybe doing a Stop the Bleed Workshop with JSO

Faculty of the Month sent out tomorrow


Filmed most of Month in Review, video going out April Fools

No branch meetings this Sunday

Pass the Torch April 17th

Evals after Easter Break

JSO Survey going out to all campus

April 5th at 3pm Strategic Planning Summit

Budget went out today so be checking that

Pack the Place tonight for last Men's Volleyball game

Hot Seat 1: Daniel

Pineapple: Taylor — Good job with budget, even ran a check to the Creative Society event on Friday

Hot Seat 2: Mabri

Jarod—pray us out

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