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JSO Meeting Notes 4/3

Taylor Hot Seat and then promptly leaves

Strategic Planning Summit April 5th at 3 in Thulin please show up if you can

3 For Free

Baseball update: working with Gasman to

Still working on open gym schedule up on app

New lights up in Volkman

Goose poop?

Diversity of food in Caf, more vegetarian options, spacing out food better

Leadership Team


Lisa Jarrot - VP Student Life

Dr. Sartor - VP Diversity and Spiritual Development

Nancy Binger - VP Enrollment & Strategic Planning

Devlin Donaldson - VP External Relations

Ginny Guth - VP Student Success, Registrar

Tena Robotham - Executive Assistant

Dr. Friesen - Provost, bringing the pizza bar to the caf over the summer

Dr. Crume - President

Jeff Eder - CFO and VP of Business Affairs

Hasi Smith - VP Information Systems and Technology


85–90 people at Panda

March Madness bracket finished up, Kayla Toussaint won gift card

Social event on campus in the month

Donuts and Coffee during finals week


6 Flags event coming up

International chapel coming up soon focusing on missionary kids


Lip Sync Battle Royale this Saturday

Tie–Dye and Bags next Saturday outside Upper Commons

April 21st - Registration Day for first 40 incoming students

Open house in the dorms, baseball game and cookout

Escape room in Cafeteria, groups of 8 going through the room



Movie Night this Friday in HAWAC

Creative Society

Looking at either repeating Open Mic event or a smaller workshop before end of year


Still practicing, bringing in lady helping with improv workshops

Judson For Freedom

Getting speakers for event on human trafficking coming up


Planning for end of year cookout, looking for board members


Had adulting workshop that went well

Another event coming up soon

Hosting room for high school marketing competition coming up


Meeting again and playing Saturdays before lunch

Tournament coming up

Disc Golf

Still waiting on weather, still going on Saturdays at 2

Meeting people from the community that come play as well


Taylor sent out updated budget

Starting to look at Senior Gift

Stop the Bleed update: Looking to do another JSO session for training, figuring out timing

Town Hall: Aubrey helpful in sharing her vision and helping freshmen moving into Lindner

Ohio and Lindner doing an event together

Lindner Town Hall April 18th

1151 Update, talked with advancement to move forward more with fundraising


March update video going out

Instagram contest to get traffic moving through it


Got Thoughts? marketing campaign to send out JSO survey

Marketing and External working together on that

Evals starting soon

Rachel's house on the 15th at 3pm

Pass the Torch on the 17th with the Jundies

Social Branch meeting about Lip Sync

Monica pray us out

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