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JSO Meeting Notes 4/24/18

First Tuesday Meeting with the 2018-2019 JSO Team!!!!!!


- Main way of communication

- We want to over communicate, during the school year and the summer

- Tell me something Tuesdays

Student Leader Welcome Party

- Thompson Hall, Wednesday April 25 at 9:30 PM


- Her role on JSO

- Advisor to JSO and works with Andrew Finley and the exec team to connect them to the university in order to get the student voices heard

- Casey Sundstedt also works with JSO as the associate dean of students to make sure the students are being advocated for

3 for free

- A concern with the shutting down of on campus storage for the summer. In the past, students were allowed to store 7 items and they would receive their down payment back at the start of the next school year when they come back and get their items.

- Excessive amount of trash outside of dorm rooms during the move out times. Solution: more trash cans. Take away hallway trash cans in order to encourage students to take the trash outside to the dumpsters.


- Singing into Summer

Friday, April 27 @ 7PM

Upper Commons

- Finals week

Monday: Pancakes. 9PM-10PM freshman/sophomore. 10PM-11PM junior/senior

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday

Wednesday: Puppies and popsicles. Wednesday night: storm the dorms

Thursday: Dunkin Happy Hour

Friday: Donuts in the library

Tax Exemption Form and Receipts

- JSO is tax exempt, so when picking up food for these next few weeks use the tax exemption forms so we do not pay tax.

- Please keep the receipts to all purchases

- Rachels card is also available for when JSO members need to go purchase items on behalf of JSO

Marketing Update

- Marketing Singing into Summer and finals week event

- April monthly update video will be posted in the coming weeks to give a recap of all branches

External Update

- Lindner town hall. Positive feedback on the changes to the open dorm hours from both Lindner and Volkman residents. Creates a more open feel and atmosphere around campus.

- Looking to have the leadership team approval to fundraise for the 1151 initiative in the coming months.


- Judson for Freedom

Meeting to talk more about the end of the year and next year

Looking to connect with ECC to form an Elgin area connection

- Judson Creative Society

Workshops to wrap up the year and looking forward to next year

JSO Team Introductions

- Name, branch, major, and summer plans


- Happy birthday Tori, Taylor, and Monica!!!


- Rachel

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