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Wednesday Kick Off Chapel

-We will sadly not be doing our group dance during kick off chapel, but we will have an announcement time to talk about JSO and the exciting things that are coming up this semester!

3 for free

-There has been numerous comments about the spiders outside of Volk, could we talk to Plant Ops about removing them?

-As of this semester, students will need to purchase a mailbox at the start of each semester if they would like a mailbox, or they could go up to the window during CPO hours to retrieve their mail. There has been no effective communication to students regarding this topic. Could we set up a meeting with Nick and Hasi in regards to this topic? Could this be advertised to students better?

-Freshmen do not know about eagle bucks on their account. Is there a better way to communicate that people have the money every semester? Maybe in an email or in posters?

-Some of the trees around campus do not appear to be trimmed, particularly in the quad and along the path to Lindner. Is it possible that we could talk to plant ops about trimming them for students?

-Some of the lines in the caf are being backed up out the door due to the freshman and others not continuing the line to inside the caf. Is there a better way to use signs or posters to communicate where the sign go?

-When is the pizza bar opening?

Social Update

-Let’s Glo 3.0 is this Saturday! Pre glo starts at 7:30, dancing starts at 8. It will be in the tent on volk lawn. We are looking to have a potential DJ at the event to make the music better for both JSO and the students. We are no longer doing slip in slide, instead giant pong with trash cans. There will also be water balloons. We have ordered 5, 5-gallon buckets of paint this year. Set up is Saturday right after lunch between 1 and 2. After dinner will be set up for food, paint, and handing out t-shirts to the first 100 people. They will be made during set up. We will be setting up for around 2 hours after brunch on Saturday, and then after dinner set up as well. Everyone is welcome to come help set up.


-All marketing pieces are being developed and posted for Let’s Glo 3.0.

-We will try to have the clubs form moved to the JSO website.

-Monica has posted wonderful headshots and pictures of the JSO team!

-Tiger is rocking all the videos he is making and posting on social media!


-Typically, the clubs will be going first and giving us their update

-Promoting club applications! They will go live this week and are available for people.

-Talk with Liz about having the clubs form on JSO website

-Student deals: we have new and returning student deals for the year and they hope to be finalized within the coming weeks.


HOT SEAT: Grant!

-Deborah is up next for hot seat!

Golden Pineapple: Someone who is highlighted for the week for their great work during the week!

Prayer: Alexus

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