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8.28.18 - Meeting Notes

JSO Values

To serve

  • Service statement from binder

  • Continue to do the good work that JSO does to serve the students well!

  • TOE NAIL CLIPPERS: remember that when you clip your toenails that we are called to wash others feet and serve them

  • Philippians 2:3

Chris Drenth

  • FCA

  • Some athletes who are Christians do not have very many fellow christians on their team

  • No chapel credit

  • Monday nights

  • Push that to other athletes on your team, because word of mouth is huge

  • Intramurals

  • Has a vision to make intramurals great, and wants student leaders help to make teams and to push forward the idea of being involved with intramurals

  • Give students the link to sign up for teams (handing things out at lunch and chapel)

  • Volleyball and kickball this semester

  • Basketball and soccer are next semester

  • Make the championship games huge for the student body

  • Get RISE student involved

  • This is not a place to relive your “glory days” and to get everyone involved and participating

  • Trying to get the athletes involved with intramurals. Varsity player in a certain sport = not allowed. Varsity basketball not allowed to play intramural basketball. JV is allowed to play though.

  • Registration opened the 27th, and closes the 12th at midnight

  • Kickball 9PM-12PM Sundays

  • Volleyball 9:30-12 on Thursdays

  • Wilson Hall Haunted HOuse

  • No Wilson Hall Haunted House this year

  • Due to the way in which it is incongruent with the what we are preaching and talking about at Judson

3 For Free


CPO meeting happening this week to discuss the post office system

Pizza bar is up and running! Looks great, and tastes even better


  • There are no lights outside the math and science building by the stairs, can we talk to Plant Ops and bring them back on?

  • Wraps and sandwiches in the caf were nice last year, can we bring them back?

  • Key card access has been inconsistent, can we talk with Nick? Whoever has an issue needs to go talk to campus safety, because they can fix it pretty easily. Can an email be sent to students with the info on how to get it fixed?

  • Tree in front of brown underground sign, can plant ops trim them?

  • Wifi has been really spotty around campus, can we talk with IT about that?

  • Light bulbs in projectors in HAWAC are getting burnt out, can we talk with IT about that?

Social Update

  • Recap video! TIGER IS DOING GREAT!

  • Video will be shown in chapel tomorrow, along with an announcement for this weekends event.

  • Lets Glo 3.0 had a very good turn out, we had a great DJ that we are building a relationship with, the t-shirts went fast, and people showed up early.

  • Outdoor Movie this Friday! Shrek will be playing! A huge inflatable screen will be playing the movie, and tiki torches will be used to repel bugs! Encourage people to bring pillows and blankets, because it will be a great event for this weekend.

  • Popcorn machine from Lindner will be used at the event for snacks.

  • Weather looks great for Friday!

  • Talking with Geoff for projector and speakers

Marketing Update

  • Utilizing air table more to help with content and organization for social media.

  • We will be posting about movie night, the coming up homecoming video release, and we are continuing to work on website!

External Update

  • Club App deadline in this Friday the 31st at 11:59PM

  • Many returning clubs from last year, a few new clubs as well!

Hot Seat

Deborah is up this week!

Who is next week? Alexus!

Golden Pineapple

Kelly! She went and got a pick up truck from her home so she could go buy all of the stuff for Let’s Glo 3.0



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