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9.25.18 - JSO Meeting Notes

Homecoming Dance

- 325 Students, full capacity!

- A great venue, and a great dance! Went very smoothly, and it was definitely a reflection of the team.

Homecoming Week

- Capture the Flag had a great turn out! It was a great game over all.

Storm the Dorm on Wednesday @ 9:15PM (All hands on deck)

Eric MeTaxas

- Constitution Day

- Radio show


- Meeting Fri

- Lots of ideas and details working

- Good involvement

- Oct 10 discussion


- Good first meeting

- Got good info and ideas


- Saturdays at 11, this week is still up in the air


- Coming up with think tank for the business students and plan for it in Oct

Creative Society

- Working on ideas for workshops and events

- Graffiti on Oct 4th

- Steel wool photography on the 11th of October

3 for Free

- Worked on wifi in Wilson this morning for almost 2 hours

- Emails about outside lights and Volk spiders sent out

- Wifi in lindner is poor on dorm floors

- Room checks in Lindner were only given a days notice to the residents

- Fallen tree before Volk and chapel is still there

JSO Value

- Resolution

- JSO is made up of people that like to resolve issues

- It is easy to point out what is wrong, but worth it to find a solution for the problem.

International Presidents

- Six Flags Great America this Sunday

- Confirming the number of people going

Social Update

- Homecoming dance

Full capacity, and it went very smooth!

- Homecoming week

Blue Crew day today!

Tomorrow is Gene Day - wear your denim while supporting Gene Crume! Storm the dorm that night.

Thursday is twin day - twin with a pal! Lawn games from 11AM-1PM on UC Lawn

Friday is grout fit day, with a group picture after chapel!

Saturday is family day, and Family Feud that evening. Lunch in the tent on the fitness center lawn, where JSO will be providing lawn games. 1PM - Judson Fest! 2PM - Alumni soccer game 4PM? - Women's soccer game 7PM - Family Feud 8PM - Family Event in each residence hall

Dinner Friday and lunch Saturday will be in the tent buy the Fitness Center

Commuter Presidents

- Chipotle went well

- First couple of weeks in Oct will be a dunking event

Marketing Update

- Homecoming Week: Keeping up with stories and twitter to keep students up to date with the daily events

- Relaunch of website on Friday with reveal of homecoming photos

- Working on trouble with sending emails to freshman

External Update

- Survey went out last week and set up a table, which gave them 82 responses! A table will be out at lunch tomorrow as well to keep getting responses.

- Get your cash reimbursements in on time, and the updated budget will be sent out today or tomorrow

Golden Pineapple - GRANT!!

Hot Seat

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