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Meeting Notes 9.18.18

Homecoming is sold out!

Homecoming nominations have been counted, and the nominees will be sent out on Wednesday.

5PM set up for homecoming, till 7PM. Dress casual for set up, and change after the set up is complete.


Disc golf - no league this week due to illness, but league will start this week or next week. 20 people interested in participating.

JBS - Accounting night and marketing night and game night. Driving people to facebook page.

Creative Society - Lots of suggestions from club fair as to what events people would like to see. Filter idea through the facebook group to see what people want.

BSU - First meeting tonight at 6PM. Good amount of sign ups at club fair.

Spikeball Club - Good turn out this past weekend. Good weather last weekend.

JU Improv - Practices are continuing. Team working together well, and new people joining from club fair.

JUFF - 10 sign ups at club fair. No Slave No Shave fundraiser. Discussing open panel discussion. Meeting over a meal to keep people up to date and aware.

3 for free

- Hours for CPO are wrong in email and website. People are not always at CPO when window is open. Sometimes emails are not going out for packages.

- Buildings are not being opened at the proper times for students.

- Light out between Volk bridge and Creekside

- HAWAC has numerous rooms that are extremely cold. Can that be adjusted?

- Doors for math and science are new and very nice!

-Wilson/Erie door is still very loud and the automatic button causes a very loud sound

JSO Values

To communicate


127 people signed up for intramurals! That is huge, and is awesome to see the participation.

Want to make championship games very big.

Blue Crew

Come out to the soccer game!

Weather delays are communicated via social media

International Presidents

- Six flags on the 30th

- Spread the word

- 27 people signed up using the sheet

Social Update

- Tye Die and Kickball was successful and brought out a new crowd of people

- Fun event to have tye die and kickball

- Homecoming is coming up this weekend, and it should be great!

- There will be a brief tear down after the dance. We are hoping to be done at 11:30 at the latest.

- Homecoming week next week, and there is something every single day! Spread the word

- Monday: Color day Tuesday: Blue crew day Wednesday: Gene day (lots of denim) Thursday: Twin day Friday: Groutfit day

- Family Weekend is next weekend! Invite your friend and family for them to get a glimpse into the Judson life. Events for siblings, and families. 1PM-3PM "Judson Fest". Family Feud at night, and then an event in each dorm after Family Feud. This coincides with alumni weekend.

- Let Grant know if there are any families that would like to participate in Family Feud

Commuter Presidents

- 121 people at Chipotle

- Some people stayed and socialized over lunch

- People followed the "no guac and no queso" rule

- Dunkin coming up

Marketing Update

- Marketing the elements of the event

- Photos for homecoming as leverage to relaunch the website

- New clubs, students deals, and photos

- Full calendar put in

External Update

- Town Hall this past week on athletics. A pretty decent turn out, but looking for bigger numbers.

- Got the athletic department more information on how to market to students more. Opened up a conversation between the athletic department and students.

- Keep hyping up the athletic events

-Club fair was a big success and got people more information

-Survey coming out this week. Announcement tomorrow in chapel, going out in email, posters, and caf tables.

-Encourage people to take the survey so we can hear their voices

Golden Pineapple - Nikki

Hot Seat

- Tori

Cash Reimbursement Checks

- Get those in! Checks going out on Sunday

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