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JSO Meeting 10.09.2018

Fall break coming up this weekend

- No branch meetings

- Meeting next Tuesday

- If you want to get paid you should sign up with Judson payroll (need SS card and form of ID), complete your JSO evals, and wait for more information to come.

Special guests Dr. Crume and Dr. Stewart-Wells

- Dr. Stewart-Wells and her new role here on campus!

- Campus update from Dr. Crume

Club Updates

- JU Disc Golf

Meeting with staff advisor to set a vision and goal for the club over the next few years.

Set up league for students and community starting next week!

Fee for community members to provide longevity of the course over the next couple of years.

Looking at sponsors as well.

Next Sunday at 2pm for the rest of the semester, but can be changed if there is a conflict that arises.

- JU Business Society

Still working on creating less events, but making them larger.

- Creative Society

Workshop went well last week. Had a great turn out and student involvement.

Students made really great stuff that others were able to see.

Looking forward to planning future events for the remainder of the semester that partner with others on campus and events in the community.

- Black Student Union

First meeting last Tuesday night, and had a good discussion and turnout.

Tuesday after fall break has a discussion topic lined up.

Tuesday, 6pm in HAWAC 221

- Spikeball

Saturdays 11am-12pm

No meeting this Saturday

Tournament end of semester

- JU Improv

Show date has been finalized, as well as a new t-shirt design.

Incorporating a RISE student team at this next show.

Hoping to have another show in December.

- JU for Freedom

First event tomorrow at 7pm in the Reed Room with director of Refuge for Women.

No Shave No Slave November.

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