Meeting Notes - 10.02.18

Homecoming and Family Weekend

- Not enough to do with your families

- Brainstorming session for activities to do with family

- Had good activities for younger kids

- Potluck or cookout

- Explore Elgin

- Apple picking

- How can we engage the upper classmen students families?

Club Updates - Disc Golf

Alumni event this past weekend

10-12 guys from Wilson got a good round in

Poll on the FB page to see which times are best for league, and then kick it off this weekend.

- JU Business Society

Figuring out events, less events but focus on prmoting the major events

- Creative Society

Liz made a poster for spray painting workshop.

Spray painting workshop at Thursday at 4:30PM led by a freshman from Wilson Hall


Tonight at 6pm is the 2nd group meeting, and first actual discussion of the year (HAWAC 221)

Welcome to everyone on campus

- Spikeball

Paying this past Saturday

Tournament towards end of the semester

- JU Improv

Team has been decided

Practice time has been set and consistent

Discussion about first show

Deciding workshop topic

- Judson for Freedom

Tomorrow leaders are heading to ECC to talk about partnership for events

No Shave, No slave November

3 for free - Caf Edition

- Can we bring back the gluten free waffles?

- Can we bring back the sushi?

- Can we bring back fish tacos?

- Can we bring back the fried kale salad, stir fry, orange chicken asian meals, smoothies?

- Are allergies being catered to well? Is the allergy bar in existence?

- Do people know that they can request made to order meals because of allergies?

- Labeling is going better this year!

- Can we bring back what the food is?

- Advertisements and signs could still be improved

- App is not reliable with info


Social Update

- Family Feud

Very good turnout, and was a fun time!

- Wingo this Sunday at 8PM

Preview night for perspective students

Bingo and Kahoot will be played

Hoping to have gift cards as prizes

International President Update

- Fright Fest

- One of the best trips to Six Flags

- 20 international students attended, and everyone stuck together and had an opportunity to build community

Commuter President Update

- Looking at a potential dunkin happy hour either next week, or the following week

Marketing Update - Monthly Update Video will be coming out this week

- Website reveal has been out out on social media

- Homecoming pictures are up, and available for students

- Emails are continuing to be sent out every Sunday night

External Update

- Survey

111 responses, predominantly from 2nd year students.

We were able to gather good idea for new events.

We were able to get a glimpse into what the needs of students are.

- Townhall

Coming Soon

- "Because I Care" Initiative

This nonpartisan organization has gave up free resources to use around campus.

Advocates for students to go vote.

Golden Pineapple

Congrats Liz!

Hot Seat

Teddy is up next!