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Meeting Notes - 10.23.18

Rachel's House - Sunday, November 4th from 3pm to 5:30pm. Branch meetings to follow.

Newsies Week!

- Shows on Wed, Thurs, Fri, and 2 on Saturday

- JSO to buy tickets for Thursday and Friday for students to attend (20 for each night).

ASGA Conference this weekend

Shark Tank voting today in UC!

Club Updates

JU Disc Golf

Had 5 people for the tournament on Sunday, even though regulars were absent


Working on more event ideas, and now have a banner to hang up

Creative Society

Helped have our members at open mic last week.

Song writing workshop put on by Chad Sowards this Thursday in Dark Room A at 6:30pm for people to attend. Recording to follow.


Having a 2nd discussion today at 6 in HAWAC about respect.


Sending out survey for time and day for ESS event.


Looking to do a tournament before Thanksgiving

JU Improv

Show on Nov 2nd in connection with the RISE students

JU for Freedom

Working details out for no slave no shave November

3 for Free

One working washer and dryer in Volk. Can we get that fixed?

Can we communicate the new work order forms?

Buildings not opening at correct times. Can we communicate with Campus Safety about that?

Outside door of HAWAC on the side does not unlock when you scan your card. Can we get that to unlock?

Students reaction to the new football programs?

Social Update

- Fall Open Mic had a huge turnout which was great! A fun nigh that gave students an opportunity to share their voice and passions

- Halloween Party from 7-9 on Saturday in the Reed Room

- Exec team relying on the rest fo the team to help with event due to their conference this weekend

International Presidents Update

- Movie night on Thursday in Volk lounge. Watching Coco and eating tacos from North of the Border! Starting at 7:30pm.

Commuter Presidents Update

- Dunkin event went well with 60 people

- Chick-Fil-A and pizza party events starting to be planned for the rest of the semester

Marketing Update

- Halloween Posters are up!

- Deal cards are out

- Invites for Rachels house are designed

- Working with external on marketing the town halls

External Update

- Student deal cards have been sent out!

- Keep the external branch informed about if businesses forget about the student deals

- Townhalls being pushed this week to get students aware of the meeting and want to come to them

- Oct 30th and Nov 7th are when the town halls will take place in the Thulin performance hall or the Reed Room

- Jared and Fin got to sit in on Board of Trustee Meetings this past week and were able to tell the committees about student and academic life at Judson.

Golden Pineapple Award

- It is going to Deborah!

Hot Seat

- Abacuc is on the hot seat this week!

- Caleb is on the hot seat next week

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