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Meeting Notes - 10.30.18

Happy Halloween!

"A Conversation with Crume" Tonight at 9:30pm!

Pack The Place is tonight at 7pm

Rachel's House Party - This Sunday, 3pm to 5:30pm

ASGA Conference

Club Updates

- Judson Disc Golf

6 people at league on Sunday which was great considering weather. Anticipating more community members to attend

- Judson Business Society

Nov 16 Jeopardy night with extra credit

- Creative Society

Song writing workshop with Chad Sowards was great.

Open Mic night in Elgin this past week.

Bigger event at end of semester or 2 smaller events.

- Black Student Union

Discussion last week, and then today will se a movie. Meeting in 2 weeks.

- Exercise Sports Science

First event this Saturday at Urban Air Trampoline. Flyer to go out. Pack the Place tonight.

- Judson for Freedom

Working towards the party at the End of No Shave No Slave November

- Spikeball Club

Normal play this last Saturday. Tournament the weekend before Thanksgiving.

- JU Improv

Show moved to Nov 3rd

3 for Free

- Washers and dryers in Volk are working again.

- Food is now labeled in the Caf.

- Wifi in Lindner last week was not working. Can we look into that?

- Group of girls in Ohio are still not getting emails. Can we get them connected to Mabri?

- Tree down and lights out between Creekside and Volk. Can we connect with Plant Ops to get those fixed?

- Heat was broken and got fixed pretty quick!

- HAWAC elevator is down. Can we get that fixed?

- Weight room ID cards are not working. Can we talk to Plant Ops or Campus Safety?

Social Update

- Halloween Party Recap

Board games and pumpkin painting was a hit!

People were able to hang out and talk with each other throughout the night.

- "Pool Party", Thursday at 7pm in Upper Commons

Ice Cream, games of pool, and trick shots!

International Student Update

- Movie Night Recap!

Smaller group, but was a time for great community!

People enjoyed the tacos and people were able to stop by quick.

Commuter President Updates

- 3rd event in November and Chick - Fil - A will be catered in and games will be available for students to play

Marketing Update

- Emails

- Pictures

- Video

- Posters

- Social media

- Give away

External Update

- Town Hall tonight with President Crume in Thompson Hall

- Another one will happen next week on Wednesday

- Marketing going out for the event to get students aware

Golden Pineapple

- Congrats Simi! We appreciate you!

Hot Seat

- Andrew Finley is on hot seat next week!


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