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Meeting Notes - 11.06.18

"A Conversation with Crume" this Wednesday

Intramural Volleyball Championship - Thursday

Judson Gives Back - Friday

Club Updates

- JU Disc Golf

Played through the weather this past weekend.

One fo the baskets has been damaged by plant ops, and is hopeful being fixed.

League this Sunday, and maybe going off campus to another course for the second round of the day.

- JU Business Society

Event on November 16th, Jeopardy against Professors with extra credit.

- Creative Society

Brainstorm workshop this Thursday Class D in Lindner. Pre-shark tank brainstorm session.

Working on other event ideas.


Went to see a movie last week, which was successful with a decent turn out and people had a fun time.

Meeting this week to plan for next weeks meeting.


Had the event this past Saturday which was smaller due to all events happening that weekend.

Meeting next week to start planning for Spring.

ESS chapel on the 14th at 10AM

- Spikeball

Moving indoors due to weather.

Tournament next Thursday, with requests out for facilities and posters.

Hoping to have food and prizes.

-JU Improv

RISE team did a great job at the show this last week!

Have 2 practices a week.

-JU For Freedom

Pushing back No Shave No Slave party to after Thanksgiving.

3 for Free

- Plant Ops has been so great with working with us!

- ID scanners in fitness center are broken, but they are trying to fix it

- All foods will now be labeled all the time

- Can we start staff/faculty appreciation again? How do we create organic appreciation for them?

- Studio 404 in HAWAC has no internet connection. Could we talk to IT about that?

- Can we fix the heat in HAWAC?

- Can we make sure the elevator in HAWAC is working again?

Social Update

- "Pool Party Recap"

- Volleyball Intramural Championship

- Judson Gives Back, this Friday at 5pm

Donation stations in UC Wednesday and Thursday, table at lunch for sign ups

International President Update

Marketing Update

- Social Media Giveaway

Announced in Chapel tomorrow

- Monthly Update Video is out now!

External Update

- "A Conversation with Crume" was well attended and students were able to ask questions and talk with Dr. Crume and Dr. Well (45 in attendance!)

- Another town hall tomorrow with Dr. Crume and Dr. Wells. Wednesday, Nov 7th at 9:30pm

- Make sure to be getting receipts and and forms to Taylor

Golden Pineapple

- Jared, we appreciate you!

Hot Seat

Skye or Kelly on the hot seat next week!

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