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Meeting Notes - 11.27.18


- Sign up for finals week events. We are asking that we all sign up for one spot each.

The Annual "Jundie" Awards

Club Updates


Mapping out things fro next semester


Tournament last week with a great turn out and lots of pizza. Saturday there will be indoor play.

Judson for Freedom

Having a meeting Friday to discuss next semester and working on marketing materials. T-shirts to come!

Judson Disc Golf

Mapping out next semesters competitive league.

Creative Society

Recording session took place 2 weeks ago, and people were able to record their work. Went very well, and people loved it! Planning to see how to use the rest of the budget during finals week.

Judson Business Society

Friday before break there was a jeopardy event with extra credit. Great turn out. Figuring out the big event for next semester.

Exercise Sports Science

Finals week snacks to come for ESS classes. ESS chapel had a great turnout!

Judson Improv

Finishing up the year and trying to decide on a show before the semester is over.

3 for Free

Can there be shovels out at every dorm?

Can labels be out in caf to describe what each meal is?

Can more ice be removed from side walks?

Is the caf up to date with the lettuce recall/outbreak?

HAWAC elevator is still broken. Can we get that fixed? Parts have been shipped and now we are just waiting.

There is still ice and snow all over the Volk balconies and stairs. Can we have plant ops go over there again?

Christmas with the Crumes

This Friday night, 5:30-7:30pm. Meet at 5pm in office for rides.

JSO Retreat

January 5th-7th

Packing List & Schedule

Stipend Agreements and Evals

Social Updates

- Life's A Beach Recap

A great turnout with a variety of social groups in attendance!

- Christmas Party Karaoke, Friday @ 9pm in Upper Commons

Finals Week Schedule

Monday: Dunkin Happy Hour

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday

Wednesday: Storm the Dorm Thursday: Puppies

Friday: Donuts in the Library

International President Updates

- Recap of Jerry's Event

Went well overall with 39 people in attendance!

Time of community is small groups

- Care packages coming soon!

Commuter President Updates

- Recap of Portillo's Event

An overall great event with a decent turnout. People were grateful and loved the food!

Marketing Update

- Student activities email is out

- Marketing for finals week and Christmas Karaoke

- Monthly update video to come to wrap up the semester being filmed Sunday, December 2nd

External Update

- Continuing to brainstorm ideas for town halls next semester

- Budget is staying on track and looks good coming up at the end of the semester!

Exciting Announcement

- Interviewing news students to add 2 more CAP's to the team!

Golden Pineapple Award

- This week it is going to Taylor! Thank you for all your hard work!

Hot Seat

- Kelly is this week, and Lauren will be first next semester


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