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Meeting Notes - 01.15.19

Welcome Back Everyone!

- JSO retreat recap

- Welcome Back Clubs

Campus Influencers Chapel this Friday

- Student Leader Fair in Upper Commons this Friday from 11am - 1pm

Be inviting your friends to the chapel and rally to get them all excited!

Applications for student leadership go live on Friday, so encourage people to fill that out and it will be sent out via email.

  • Commuters will eat free in the Caf this Friday for lunch'

JSO Values (Rachel)

To Connect: to connect students with one another, to connect students to events, and to connect the JSO team to the student body. Keep the approachable and welcoming atmosphere, because we have built that atmosphere up so well around campus!

Club Updates


  • Not present

- Spikeball

  • Getting back into the semester, but hoping to be in the gym on Saturday mornings

- Judson for Freedom

  • Having conversations about longer meeting in the evenings based around conversations about human trafficking and connecting with organizations. Then these conversations will lead to events this semester

- Judson Disc Golf

  • Thinking of ideas to do while it is cold and snowy outside. Thinking about doing mini indoor disc golf

- Creative Society


  • Big plan is to be more consistent with events this semester


  • Kassi will be taking over as president. Nominations coming up for those who will be taking over next year and incorporating them into meetings. Meeting with professors about the ESS chapel coming up in February

- Judson Improv

  • Meeting about how to move forward with the semester. May open up auditions and have 2 shows or no auditions with 3 shows

3 for free

- It is still pretty icy around campus. Can we talk with Plant Ops?

- The grad students do not have working lights in their studio

(upper deck space and the whole studio)

- The new lights in chapel are starting to blind students in chapel

- One of the light poles by the flag entrance is about to fall over

- Lights by the Wilson stairs are out

- Consider getting a new workout bike in the fitness center. There use to be 3, but now there is only 1 that is barely working

- The water filter in the water fountain on the indoor track needs to be changed ASAP

*Clubs dismissed*

Social Update

- Glo bowl recap

  • ​ A great video thanks to Tiger!

  • Tons of people came to this event

- Windy City Bulls this Friday @ 7pm at the Sears Centre

  • 25 people signed up, with 25 tickets still available

  • Sign up through the email or the QR code

  • Tickets will be distributed through email and if you are a commuter you will be contacted about receiving your ticket

International Update - Event coming up this week at Villa Olivia!

  • 22 people are signed up to go snow tubing

Commuter Update

- Thursday from 11am to 1pm commuters are able to get free Taco Bell!

- Email blast sent out about the free lunch for commuters

Marketing Update

- Starting back into the semester!

- Retreat and Glo Bowl video are done, and chapel video is coming up soon.

- Emails are still going out

- Posters and pictures are still going up around campus

External Update

- Planned events and town halls for the semester during the retreat

- Town Halls and conversations geared towards freshman, a event partnered with the wellness center to open up a conversation about how to come along side someone who is struggling, a town hall about the elections for new representatives, and a town hall for international students.

Golden Pineapple Award

- The award will be going to Luddy this week!! He has been doing a fantastic job working and seeking out connections with commuters. He is a joy to have on this team!

Hot Seat

- Luddy is on the hot seat this week!




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