Meeting Notes - 01.22.19

Campus Influencers Chapel and Fair

- Student Leader Applications are live, deadline is February 6th, and February 1st for Student Body President

- Encourage the next wave of student leaders to apply!

Student Leader Rally - Wednesday January 30th @ 9:30pm

- We should all try to bring 2 people to this event, because it is a great way to get people involved

- 80% of people that attended the event last year ended up on student leadership this year

- We all have a huge impact by talking to those around us!

Intramurals - Chris Drenth

- Registration closes at February 6

- Soccer is on Sunday at 8pm

- Basketball is on Thursdays at 9:30pm

- Encourage people to sign up and play! Be talking about it, and encouraging people to come watch the games

Club Updates

- Black Student Union

Havent had a meeting yet, but the board is meeting today.

Met with Dr. Sartor last week to start planning events for Black History Month

- Spikeball

This semester the Saturday events will be by request, but have one big tournament this semester

- Improv

Have been talking about opening up a spot to audition

Have decided to do three shows this semester starting in February

-JU for Freedom

Meeting about schedules and dates for events

- JU Disc Golf

Looking for sponsors for a mini indoor tournament

- JU Creative Society



Met last week and have found people to help with leadership of the club

Talking about finding for the semester

Planning to incorperate ESS event with the health fair

3 for Free

- Volk heat is getting figured out. Plant Ops is working really hard!

- Ohio Hall and Lindner is still struggling with parking spots due to the snow

- Suggestions for what the caf should be serving and any improvements that can be made!

*Clubs Dismissed*

Social Update

- Windy City Bulls Game Recap

Smaller turnout, but they people that went has a great time!

- Roller Skating at Xtreme Wheels at 7pm

100 tickets are available, but students need to have their ID!

International President Update

- Snow tubing event this past Friday

Good turnout, had great community time, and a lot of people had a great time!

Commuter President Update

- Tell event this last Thursday

Really great turnout and stayed under budget! The people that came had a nice time.

Marketing Update

- Student Activities Email Access

- Presence App Updated, using it for Roller Skating

- Singing video posted for Social Media engagement, LIKE, SHARE, RETWEET, AND SUBSCRIBE

External Update

- Working on town hall style events

- Freshman town hall/ new student town hall in February. Inquiring with staff and faculty about their availability.

Golden Pineapple Award Winner

Congrats Ryan!

Hot Seat

Nikki, you're up next week!