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Meeting Notes - 01.29.19

No Branch Meeting this Sunday

- Enjoy the Super Bowl

Student Leader Applications

- Student Leader Applications are live, deadlines is Feb 6, and Feb 1 for Student Body President

- Encourage the next wave of student leaders!

Student Leader Rally

- Wed, January 30 at 9:30pm (weather depending)

Intramural Sign Up

- Deadline to sign up is Feb 6

Club Updates


- First meeting Feb 5th

- Posters going out today for that meeting

- Waiting on room assignments from Scott for meeting


- Still in the deciding process about when to do the tournament and how many to have

Judson for Freedom

- Still discussing when to have meeting

Judson Disc Golf

- Talking to manufacturer about sponsoring the mini tournament in the Fitness Center

- Hoping for mid to late February


- Decided to stop planning till after the auto show is done


- Held first officers meeting and brought 3 new people in

- Feb 5 is the ESS chapel

- Working with facilitators for the health fair

JU Improv

3 for Free

- Athletic buses do not have heat or only have partial heat

- Fitness Center water filter still has not been changed

- Student Leaders feel under informed about the weather and what will be happening with classes

- Having the Lindner lot plowed for the residents

Social Update

Roller Skating last Friday!

- Had a great number of students and the rink was happy to have us there

Crafts & Video Games

- Crafts and videos games will be available for students! Saturday at 7pm in the Caf

International President Update

Dinner at Vans this Friday, meeting in Upper Commons at 5:30

Commuter President Update

Planning the Panda event coming up!

Marketing Update

Presence App worked well at Roller Skating

Monthly update video being filmed on Sunday at 3:30pm

Pushing the Student Leader Rally for this Wednesday on social media

External Update

Freshmen/New Student Town Hall in Feb 13 (tentatively)

Wellness Event - Fed 25

- Mental Health Support night

- Wellness Center staff will be in attendance

Student Advocate Positions

- 4 new positions

- Add onto the current government specialist positions

- Student advocates for design, worship studies, social sciences, and business/ESS

- Be talking that up so we could have a few elections happening after Spring Break

- Having a meeting with the academic department in February chairs to pitch this idea

Pineapple Award

Congrats Abacuc!!

Hot Seat

Simi is up next week!


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