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Meeting Notes - 02.12.19

Student Leader Applications

- Deadline has passed, thank you to all who applied!

- Email will be sent out to those who applied with more information on your next steps

- GEN Mentor applications are still open and the link can be found in the student activities email

Student Service Award

- Voting for those who you think meet the standards for this award

- Selecting 5 candidates

2019-2020 JSO Student Body President Nominations

- JSO Nomination for Andrew Finley

- Non-JSO Nomination for Andrew Finley

Club Updates


Potluck dinner tonight at 6pm in HAWAC 221


Working on the one big tournament and Saturdays by request

- JU for Freedom

Working on one event this semester

- JU Disc Golf

Looking into the mini tournament still

- Creative Society

Working on the rest of the creative team and nailing down details for the first event

- Judson Business Society

Meeting of majors this Friday with semester updates


Chapel on Friday with Valentines Day cookies, discussing the armor of God, and playing hungry hippos

Teaming up to be apart of the health fair and helping promote it

- Improv

Practicing 2 times a week and the first show is scheduled Wed Feb 27

3 for Free

Ohio is too hot

Sinks not working in HAWAC (1st floor mens, 4th floor ladies)

Fitness Center water filter need changing

Sidewalks are covered in ice which is making it hard for students to get around campus

Light outside of the wood shop exit is out


- Presence app for all the remaining events

- Monthly update video posted this past Wednesday

- Chapel announcement on Wednesday and you will not want to miss it!

- The Chicken has arrived! Videos will be on social media all week.

External Update

- Freshmen/New Students Town Hall on Feb 20 in Erie Lounge

There will be soft pretzels

- Mental Health Support Night

Monday before Spring Break, looking for fun ways to market it

- Student Advocate Positions

Looking to have more one on one conversations with the chairs to clear up details and answer questions.

Had positive feedback from the first meet, and are looking forward to the future!

Social Update

- Valentine's Day Party Recap

Great turn out for this event! Students loved the conversation pieces and food. It was a great time of community!

- Silent Night/Senior Day this Saturday from 1pm to 5pm in the Fitness Center

Pizza will be provided for students! At half time there will be a raffle, and then during the mens game the Silent Night portion will take place.

- WINGO this Sunday at 8pm in the Caf

Rachel and her fam will be the bingo callers for the night!

International Presidents Updates

- Next Tuesday there will be free Jerry's for international students!

Commuter Presidents Updates

- Tuesday the 19th will be the Panda event hopefully!

Golden Pineapple Award

Congrats Alexus!

Hot Seat

Monica, you are up next week!


Led by Chris Drenth

Liz, Fin, Jarod, Rachel, Chris, Tiger, Abby, Kylie, Monica, Deborah, Simi, Kassi, Kelly, Davis, Taylor, Jared, Jordan, Aaron, Ryan, Teddy, Rogers, Cuco, Caleb, Alexus, Nikki, Grant

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