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Meeting Notes - 02.19.18

Student Leader Applications

- UM Applications are still open so encourage your friends to apply!

- GEN Mentor Applications are still open, link can be found in the Student Activities email

JSO Meeting this Sunday

- We will be preparing for events after Spring Break

JSO Presidential Debate

- A mock debate will take place on the 27th with Bradley in Thompson Hall

Club Updates

- Black Student Union

No meeting this evening

- Spikeball

Working on making a sign up for large tournament after spring break


Still continuing work from last week

- Disc Golf

Starting to look for discounts on ordering a mini disc golf set

- Creative Society

Finalized 2 shows

March 23rd at 7pm is the murder mystery

April 13 at 7pm is the Disney Cabaret


Pushing fantasy finance as an event


Had chapel last week with 30 people in attendance

Feb 26 is next meeting

Helping with the health fair on March 19 and is open to all!

- JU Improv

Looking at other dates for the first show of the semester

Meeting on Wednesday to set a time

May potentially meet up with other Christian improv team

3 for Free - CAF EDITION

- Signage is still a little off in the caf

- More mozzarella sticks

- Bringing back the pasta bar more often

- Commuter food options and offering prepackaged food (paying for an individual meal as opposed to a single swipe)

- It seems as though the app is down more often

- The door outside HAWAC by 15 minute parking still is not opening with key card access

- Making the elevator more accessible in the library

Marketing Update

- Presence app use for WINGO and we were able to see who was there!

- Filming videos for JUGT

External Update

- Freshmen/New Student Town Hall on Wednesday @ 8PM in Erie Lounge. There will be soft pretzels and it will be a great way to hear from students!

- Mental Health Support Night, February 25th in Didiers Den. It will be a time to talk about how friends can come along side those struggling with mental health in a healthy way.

Social Update

- Silent Night and WINGO. Both events went well! There were lots of students there and everyone had a great time

- This Saturday at 7pm is JU's Got Talent in the Chapel! 17 acts signed up, so it should be a great time.

International President Update

- Tonight there is free Jerry's for International Students to get everyone together to talk about the upcoming events!

Commuter President Update

- Calling Panda to try and get a deal for the event on Thursday!

Golden Pineapple Award

- Alexus is awarding Kylie this week! Congrats Kylie!

Hot Seat

Milkie is on hot seat next week!


Abby closed us in prayer

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