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Meeting Notes - 03.12.19

Welcome Back Everyone!

Judson Theatre presents "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare"

- 4 shows: Thursday @ 7pm, Friday @ 7pm, and Saturday @ 2pm and 7pm

- Tickets can be purchased at the door starting 60 mins prior to the show time, or online following the link on the Student Activities email

JSO will be having branch meetings this Sunday!

Club Updates


No meeting this week

Reel Conversation about The Hate U Give teaming up with Dr. Vaughn

Trying to have a event sometime in April teaming up with JSO

- Spikeball

Looking to have a big semester tournament soon

- JU for Freedom

Got a donation of cards that have information about human trafficking help websites and phone numbers. Looking to create more informational packets with local resources.

- JU Disc Golf

Putting mini tournament on hold

Starting to meet every Sunday again now that the weather is getting nicer. 1:30pm on Sundays.

- Creative Society

Met as a creative team to plan for next weeks event, the Murder Mystery party.

Meeting about the aesthetics and elements fo the show.

Posters to go up today.

Starting rehearsals next week for the Disney cabaret

- Judson Business Society

Meeting this week


Health fair is next week! Finalized the ESS edition to the fair.

Putting on a competition for during the fair and will give out awards.

Have a poster ready to go and will be sent to students

- Judson Improv

Pass The Torch

April 16th, from 11am to 1pm

NCCAA Womens Basketball Tournament

Go Tori!!!

Student Feedback

- Laundry on campus

Technical difficulties with the machines. How can we better monitor that?

Can we drop the price of laundry?

Can we have sign on the washers to write people names and phone numbers?

- Registering for classes

Having people or staff solely dedicated to registering for classes.

Having more time to plan out the schedule.

Delegating tasks to sub groups on campus to help encourage students to register.

Having classes planned for students to see earlier in the year.

Having information about registration more accessible to students.

Having staff members more available for students to meet with them.

- Off-campus gym membership

There is only a personal training space right now, not a full gym space.

If the fee is given to everyone for the gym, it may not be wanted by all students and an opt-in approach would be more effective.

Athletes would likely be using that space quite a bit if they have access to it.

If it was a fee across the entire student body, it would not encourage students to use the gym anymore than students go right now.

Adding a fee to use the fitness center that would help make the fitness center nicer.

Opt-in would seem more effective since not all students exercise or would use the space.

Social Update

- JUGT Recap, before Spring Break

- 3 on 3 March Madness Tournament this Friday, Event/Sign Ups start at 7pm and then games start at 7:30pm

One member from the opposite gender is not required on teams, but is highly encouraged.

One Varsity basketball player per team.

Team of 3-5 required

March Madness Bracket Tournament the following week

- Spring Dance at Imago on Friday, March 22 from 8pm-11pm

Ticket sales will take place Tues & Wed (3/19-20), $5 for students, and $7 for guests

International President Update

- Jerry's event went great! There was 40+ student in attendance

- Sounds of Judson coming up on March 30th

Commuter President Update

- Panda event went great with 60-70 people in attendance

- Event coming up this month!

Marketing Update

- Used the Presence app for JU's Got Talent

- All of the videos from the Talent Show are up on the Youtube

- Pictures are all updated on the website

- Posters are up for the Spring Dance, and other design elements are being rolled out.

- Posters are out for the basketball tournament

External Update

- Town Hall went great and opened a conversation with staff and faculty

- Mental Health support night went well, and started a good conversation about this topic. Potentially looking to incorporate this information to training week next year.

- Student advocate positions are forming! Getting student recommendations from department chairs for who may be good for these roles.

Hot Seat

- Milkie this week - Taylor, you are up next week!

Golden Pineapple

- Congrats Monica!


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