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Weekly Meeting - 03.19.18

JSO Interviews

- JSO 2019-2020 Exec Team

Faculty Advisor: Rachel

President: Andrew Finley

VP of Social: Grant Bradman

VP of External: Jared Pletcher

VP of Marketing: Abby Burgett

- March 18-22, 25-28

- 2019-2020 JSO team announced March 29th

JSO March Madness Challenge

- Filming later on this afternoon, with video out on JSO social media on Wednesday

- Overall winner: Judson Swag Bag

- Student winner: JSO March Madness Trophy and Gift Card

- Both students and alums are welcome to participate! Anyone in the Judson community can join.

Mid-Semester Check In

- Anonymous survey sent out today about JSO, and how JSO can grow!

Club Updates


- Tomorrow there will be a Reel Conversation with Dr. Vaughn viewing the Hate U Give at 7pm in Thompson

- Regular meetings resume next week


- Tournament to happen the weekend before Easter, April 12th (?)

- Sign ups to happen the week before

Judson for Freedom

- More updates to come next week

Disc Golf

- Started up the weekly play of the campus course last week

- More people are planning to come this weekend

- Wilson Hall 2nd floor planning to have an event to come to the Sunday, 1:30pm play time

Creative Society

- Murder Mystery at 7pm this Saturday. All are welcome!

- Snacks will be provided and dress up in 50's theme attire!

- First regersal for the Disney Cabaret took place last week

JU Business Society

- Planning a Job Fair April 4th from 11am-1pm in the Reed Room


- Health Fair taking place today!

JU Improv

Wellness Center

- Please welcome Carol DiDominicis! She will be looking for feedback for how the Wellness Center can best serve the students.

- The one free counseling session is very helpful for students

- Can we make sure that all new students know that they have one free counseling session?

- Could there be a chapel announcement made announcing the free session? Maybe at the start of both semesters or during mid-terms/finals?

- The physical health side of things of the Wellness Center seems less developed than the Counseling services (lacking in availability of times to see the nurse/doctor and the price being expensive)

- Can there be a pre-intake screening for students so they know if the nurse can really help them before getting charged?

- Can there be better communication about all of the things that the Wellness Center offers?

- Can there be more posters around campus that help communicate all of the services? A large display set up in Upper Commons?

- Could emails be utilized better to help communicate all of the services available?

- Could someone send an email out personally?

- Putting the minimum amount of information needed on posters/displays in areas around campus that are highly populated

- Adding who to contact to emails/posters and having their pictures with the information

- Editing the Wellness Center chapel slide so it is legible to students reading it

- Using QR code to keep the information on posters/slides brief

- Training/informing the student leaders on campus about what the Wellness Center offers so they can refer students to the Wellness Center

- Informing student leaders about what the Wellness Center does/who to talk to, and specific events coming up from the Wellness Center

Free massages happening in the Wellness Center in April and May!

Social Update

- 3v3 March Madness Tournament Recap

A lot of people, of many skill levels, came out to the event!

It was a fun event for everyone participating.

Brought new crowds of people from campus together.

14 teams ended up playing!

- Spring Dance at Imago on Friday, March 22 from 8pm-11pm

Set up starts at 7pm

Ticket sales will be today and tomorrow at dinner and lunch. Cash and credit cards are accepted

$5 for traditional students, and $7 for guests

There will be free parking at the location and in downtown Elgin

Snacks will be provided

Planner will be present the night of the event to help us set up

It would be great to have all hands on deck for set up!

International President Update

- Sounds of Judson (March 30th)

International Open Mic event that is open to all students!

- International Chapel

Commuter President Update

- Dunkin or Subway event coming up this month!

Marketing Update

- Tickets and posters have been made for the Spring Dance

- Filming March Madness bracket challenge today

- We now have access to the new email list!

External Update

- Student Advocate/ Commuter President Elections

Reaching out to individuals this week to explain the process and hopefully have a list of candidates but the end of this week

Campaigns will hopefully begin next week. Hoping to have a town hall in that time to give the candidates an opportunity to share their vision!

The following week would be elections! Voting would happen via google form, and there will be a booth available in upper commons a few days that week.

Hoping to announce positions by April 7th

Posters to be going out and having a video filmed to help communicate these positions

Golden Pineapple

- Congrats to Tori!!!

Hot Seat

- Taylor this week

- Rachel in 2 weeks!


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