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Weekly Meeting Notes - 03.26.19

JSO Interviews - March 18-22, 25-28

- The JSO 2019/2020 team will be announced March 29th

JSO March Madness

- Kylie (Not A Baller) is currently in the lead

Mis-Semester Check In

- Anonymous survey - please fill it out if you have not already!

Club Updates


Have a meeting tonight covering a song by J Cole in HAWAC 221 at 6pm

Getting in contact with barbers for April 22/23 for an event

- Spikeball

April 12/13 is a tentative date for the big tournament

- Judson for Freedom

- Judson Disc Golf

Were not able to meet Sunday due to the weather, but looking forward to next week!

- Creative Society

40-50 people came out to the murder mystery!

Meeting scheduled for tomorrow where we will go over information for the Disney Cabaret on the 13th. Rehersals are continuing


Resume Workshop

Gathering people/businesses for the job fair on April 4th


- Improv

Having a show this Friday at 7pm in Thompson

Briggs will be running the sound and lights for the event

Be on the lookout for intramural championships within the next couple of weeks!

3 for Free

- IT has been going through an update, which has been giving students issues with the wifi and printing. Can we communicate this to students?

- The filter has been changed in the fitness center

- Volk laundry room looks fantastic

- CPO is not sending emails when mail is arriving

- Hours for CPO have been shifting around and closing early. Could we ensure that it stays open?

- There is no supervisor for CPO, so can there be a supervisor overseeing CPO more strictly?

- There were mozzarella sticks in the caf, chicken quesadillas are back, and cinnamon toast crunch will be making a return!

Social Update

Spring Dance

- Spring dance went really well

- Everyone who paid for a ticket showed up!

- Said it was an improvement from last year and people really liked it

Volunteer event this weekend

- Making blankets on Saturday morning from 10am to 12 pm

- There will be doughnuts and coffee!

- Fleece fabric has been purchased

- Going door to door to collect donations for Phil's Friends

- Phil's Friends provides care packages to cancer patients

Sounds of Judson

- Saturday night at 7pm in the 1st floor stairwell

- Encourage people to come out

Commuter President Update

- Planning on an event next week at Chick-Fil-A

Marketing Update

- Student advocate video

- Monthly update video

- New email list is working!

External Update

- Student advocate video to go out this week!

- Emails have gone out to the first wave of student advocates

- Feel free to have people reach out if interested in the student advocate position

- Elections will be held April 7th - 12th for student advocates and commuter presidents

Golden Pineapple Award

- Congrats Caleb!


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