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Weekly Meeting Notes - 08.20.19

FIRST JSO Team Meeting of the school year!

  • Meeting every Tuesday at 11am during the school year

  • Theme for this year: Enjoy the Journey

  • Focus on enjoying the community and the people around you

Club updates

  • Working on application process for this year

  • Jarod working on a club manual

  • Voting next week

Student Advocate Updates

  • Business & ESS: Sebastian Torres

  • Excited to help students in the program

  • Design: Elizabeth VanBruggen

  • Excited to get to know all student in Art, Design, Architecture, and Interior Design

  • Social Sciences: Amir Scott

  • Excited to help students find and get what they need

  • Worship Studies:

  • Holding an election to fill this position soon!

Commuter President Update

  • Starting to plan events

  • Excited to get to know all of the commuters

International President Update

  • Kimberly Schmidt has invited international student to her house for dinner

  • Presidents will meet with her to confirm details

Social Update

  • Let’s Glo 4Ever, Volkman Lawn

  • Pre Glo: 7:00pm

  • First 100 receive a free t-shirt

  • Colored powder

  • Dancing: 7:30pm

  • Outdoor Movie Night next Friday 8/30

  • Live version of Cat and the Hat

Marketing Update

  • ‘Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader’

  • Very successful on social media

  • Thank you Tiger and Kam

  • Let’s Glo 4Ever Poster

  • Nina did an awesome job!

  • Competition for best social media post to promote event

  • First Weekly Student Activities Email

  • New team headshots on the website

Student Advocate Update

  • First Town Hall of the Year!

  • Wednesday, August 28

  • Will focus on the needs, questions, concerns, and ideas on Business and ESS majors

  • All are welcome!

Golden Pineapple Award

  • Recognizes one person on JSO for the week

Hot Seat!!

  • Fin


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