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Weekly Meeting Notes - 08.27.19

Welcome to the Team, Ashton!

Team Updates

  • Rachel

Club Updates

  • Jared has finished writing the Club Manual and will have the executive team review it this week

  • Voting for the Club Manual will take place during next week's meeting

Student Advocate Update

  • Sebastian: Business and ESS Advocate

  • Tomorrow night is the FIRST Town Hall Meeting @ 9:30pm in the Lindner Tower Reed Room, Open to all

  • Elizabeth: Design & Architecture

  • Has heard good reports from the first week of school

  • Hopes to speak with students about what her position means during the majors meeting later this week

  • Will be working with Prof. Amundson's ARC 101 class

  • Amir: Social Sciences

  • Hoping to get in contact with the freshman Education majors about Chapel exemption when it comes time for their practicums

Commuter President Updates

  • Looking to get a contact list of commuters

  • A budget for this year is now in place

  • Trying to put together a survey for commuters on what events they'd like to do

  • Hoping to finalize the survey by next week

  • Starting to plan a Welcome Bash for commuters for the end of September

  • Shared news that the create room in Lindner Tower is being used for storage

  • Looking into a solution for this

  • In the Works: New potential commuter lounge space on campus

International President Updates

  • This past Sunday Prof. Kimberly Schimdt hosted students for dinner and a night of fun

  • Taste of Judson is next Thursday, September 5th

  • Preparation is underway

Social Updates

  • Let's Glo 4Ever was a big success

  • Lot's of freshman attended and upperclassmen said it was the best one yet!

  • Outdoor Movie Night is this Sat. @ 8:00pm on the Upper Commons lawn

  • We'll be viewing Live Cat in the Hat

  • Snacks will be provided

Marketing Updates

  • Ashton Mace joins the team as the photographer

  • Jumped right in and took amazing photos for Let's Glo

  • Tiger is working on editing the video from Let's Glo

  • Nina is working on posters for all of next weeks events

  • Kam is working on designs for Homecoming and putting together a Brand Guide for JSO

  • Social Media Poster Competition for Let's Glo event

  • Winner goes to Skye

  • Chapel announcement about the JSO social media accounts and Student Deals

  • Cards will be passed out after Chapel with all of the information

Student Advocacy Update

  • First Town Hall of the Year

  • Will largely focus on the ESS and Business departments, but open to all

  • Student Deals

  • Re-upped all of the student deals and was able to get some new ones

  • Updated on the website

  • Clubs

  • Club applications will be going live in a couple of weeks

Golden Pineapple Award

  • First Recipient of the Year: Ashton Mace

  • For his willingness to jump in as the photographer and great interaction with new students

Hot Seat!

- This Week: Elizabeth

- Next Week: Nina


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