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Weekly Meeting Notes - 09.03.19

Intramural Sign Ups are Open!

  • Kickball, Sunday night

  • Soccer, Thursday night

  • Registration closes Wednesday, September 11th

Homecoming Ticket Sale Sign Ups

  • Homecoming tickets go on sale September 9-13th

  • 325 tickets available

  • JSO member must sign up to sell for two time slots by this Friday, September 6th

Club Updates

  • Club Manual

  • Voting on the revisions

  • Revisions were accepted

  • Club Application Process

Student Advocate Updates

  • Business

  • Last weeks Town Hall, led by Sebastian, went well!

  • Good turn out and great feedback/ conversation

  • Architecture & Design

  • First Architecture and Interior Design meeting last week

  • Adobe subscription problem for design students was resolved quickly

  • Architecture and Design cookout planned for later this month

  • Social Science

  • Amir is Introducing himself to department professors and communicating with them

  • Town Hall focused on the Social Sciences will be September 11th in HAWAC 221 at 9:30 pm

3 for Free

  • The Volkman parking lot has a lot of broken lights

  • The water bottle filter needs to be fixed in lower chapel

  • Key card access doesn't work for the weight room

  • Trees in the quad need to be trimmed

  • Rachel and I.T. are working on a better way for students to notify I.T. of printer problems

Commuter President Update

  • Commuter survey is ready just awaiting on contact list

  • Survey includes details about the possible new lounge space

  • Presidents are continuing to meet with various faculty and drafting a proposal for it

International Presidents

  • Taste of Judson this Thursday

  • Preparation for the event is underway

  • 12 students are participating in providing food

Social Update

  • Outdoor Movie was this past weekend

  • Had to be moved inside due to weather; was still a very fun night

  • Taste of Judson Thursday, September 5th from 8-10 pm in the Dining Hall

  • 8-9 Freshman and Sophomore

  • 9-10 Junior and Senior

  • Yard Games and Ice Cream this Saturday, September 7th on the Upper Commons lawn from 3-5pm

Marketing Update

  • Homecoming reveal video in chapel tomorrow

  • Made by Tiger

  • Homecoming 'Save the Date' invites to be passed out at Chapel tomorrow

  • Student Deals and Social Media cards were passed out last Wednesday in Chapel

  • Good connections made for freshman

  • Weekly emails

  • Are being received by freshman

  • Posters for this weeks events made by Nina

  • Pictures from the first couple JSO events are up on the website

  • Taken by Ashton

  • Homecoming personality video the Do's and Dont's

Student Advocacy Update

  • Business Town Hall recap

  • Good feedback on the changes made across campus over the summer, general positive comments, and discussion of academics

  • Next Town Hall

  • Focused on students in the Social Sciences, HAWAC 221, Wednesday September 11th at 9:30 pm

  • Open to all

Golden Pineapple Award

  • Ashton nominates Tiger for his great work on the Homecoming video

Hot Seat

  • This week: Nina

  • Next Week: Randy


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