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Weekly Meeting Notes - 09.09.19

JSO Meeting Info/ Policy

  • 2 Tuesday Meeting skips, and 2 Sunday Meeting skips are allowed

  • Please communicate at least 24 hours in advanced, if you know you are going to miss

Intramural sign ups are open!

  • Kickball, Sunday night 8:00 pm

  • Soccer, Thursday night 9:30 pm

  • Registrations close Wednesday, September 11th

Homecoming Ticket Sales

  • Homecoming tickets on sale this week, September 9-13

  • 325 tickets available

  • Ticket Prices (Cash & Venmo):

  • Student: $20

  • Non Student: $25

  • Ticket Prices (Card):

  • Student: $25

  • Non Student: $30

Club Updates

  • Voting on Club Manual was approved last week

  • Club application process will begin soon

Student Advocate Update


  • Business Networking night

  • Auto Show internships applications have been released

  • ESS chapel this Friday

Architecture & Design

  • Architecture, Interior Design & Design Annual Cookout

  • This Friday at 5:00 pm on the Volkman lawn

Social Sciences

  • Town Hall

  • Tomorrow night at 9:30 pm in HAWAC 221

  • Focused on the social sciences, but all are welcomed

3 for Free

Commuter President Updates

  • Still awaiting the commuter email list

  • Still figuring out a date for the first event

  • Finishing up the proposal for the new commuter lounge

International President Update

  • Taste of Judson Recap

  • Very successful, a lot more organized

  • Next event: Six Flags

  • Looking to be towards the end of the month

  • Details are being finalized

Social Updates

  • Taste of Judson Recap

  • Yard Games & Ice Cream Recap

  • Good crowd, every relaxing event

  • Slip N' Slide Kickball

  • This Saturday, September 14th from 2-4 pm on the Volkman lawn

  • Changes made from last year:

  • Fully covered lawn

  • Safer soap

Marketing Updates

  • Homecoming reveal video was showed in chapel last Wednesday, and on social media

  • Homecoming Do's & Don'ts video coming out tomorrow in chapel

  • Homecoming branding

  • Weekly emails, posters and pictures

Advocacy Updates

  • Social Sciences Town Hall

  • This Wednesday, September 11th at 9:30 pm in HAWAC 221

  • Led by Amir Scott

Golden Pineapple Award

  • Simi

Hot Seat!

  • This week: Randy

  • Next Week: Grant


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