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Weekly Meeting Notes - 09.17.19

Global Outreach Applications are OPEN!

  • Registration CLOSES Friday, September 20th

Constitution Day Chapel tomorrow!

Homecoming Setup Details

Club Applications

  • Applications are OPEN until Friday, September 20th

  • Club sponsorship will go through on Sunday, September 22nd

Student Advocate Updates

  • ESS & Business / Sebastian Torres

  • Shark Tank applications are OPEN and will CLOSE Friday, September 20th

  • Design & Architecture

  • Annual Cookout was last Friday

  • Really good turnout

  • Was able to get good feedback and comments that people have about the program and department

  • Next Town Hall will be October 17th

  • Social Sciences

  • Social Sciences Town Hall last week

  • Productive conversation with students and professor was had

3 for Free

Commuter President Updates

  • Finished draft proposal for new commuter lounge in library

  • Continuing to work with Ginny Guth

  • Received Commuter email list

  • Commuter student survey will be sent out tomorrow

  • Chipotle Event from 11 am-1 pm

  • More details to come

International President Update

  • Six Flags event on Sunday during Family Weekend

  • Lunch beforehand

Social Update

  • Slip N' Slide Recap

  • A lot of RISE and new students showed up

  • Homecoming Dance!

  • Friday, September 20th from 7-11 pm at The Drake Hotel in Chicago

  • Dinner will start at 7:45 pm

Marketing Update

  • Homecoming Do's & Don'ts video was showed in Chapel last Wednesday and released on Social Media this week

  • Homecoming branding

  • Weekly email, posters, and pictures

Student Advocacy Update

  • Social Sciences Town Hall last week

  • Valuable conversations

  • Professor was able to answer questions and spread the word to other professors of the Town Hall's effectiveness

  • Next Town Hall: Design and Architecture Thursday, October 11th 11 am-12 pm

Golden Pineapple Award

  • Kam

Hot Seat!

  • This week: Grant

  • Next week: Ashton


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