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Weekly Meeting Notes - 10.08.19

World Leaders Forum

Tonight at 7:00pm at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center

Clubs and Student Advocacy

  • First meeting with club representatives

  • Introductions

  • John / The Judson Bike Shop

  • Currently housing 10-12 bikes in Wilson and Lindner

  • Providing transportation for those who need it

  • Offering bike repair services

  • Adam / JU Improv

  • Vision: Provide quality and long standing improv

  • Usually 1-2 shows per year

  • Leah / Exercise Science Club

  • Talk about health and wellness within the greater Elgin area and on campus for students

  • Also working with the RISE Special Olympics team

  • Tiger / JU Creative Society

  • Celebrate the gifts and talents the Lord has given us through music, theater, and other creative realms

  • New Event: A Knight of Murder: A Murder Mystery Party

  • Oct. 19th at 7:00pm in Studio B

  • Simi / BSU

  • A space to help create a socially aware environment and discuss social issues in a safe environment

  • Club Fair

  • Thursday, Oct. 10th at 11:00am in Upper Commons

  • Get to know this years JSO sponsored club!

Advocacy Update

  • Social Science / Amir

  • No new updates

  • Design & Architecture / Elizabeth

  • EMI Conference

  • Oct. 9-10th

  • For missions relating to your intended major

  • 5 student tickets left and 5 students already going

  • Town Hall next week

  • Business & ESS / Sebastian

  • Business majors will be takin a field trip to Chicago for a business convention

  • Auto Show applications were due Oct. 1st

  • Shark Tank exhibition was last Thursday

  • Really good turn out

  • Continuing the search for a Worship Studies Advocate

3 for Free

  • Follow up is needed for the Create Room issue

  • The room is for commuters, but is currently being used as storage

  • IT Update: All passwords need to be changed by November 11th

  • A preventative measure against email hacking

Commuter President Updates

  • Final proposal for another commuter lounge was sent to Ginny Guth

  • Andrew is helping to communicate all that is happening concerning it

  • Next a event: A smaller Dunkin Donuts event for the end of the month

International President Updates

  • Six Flags Recap

  • 37 students attended

  • Everyone had a really fun time!

  • Beginning to plan for next event at Ginny Guth's house

  • Trying to troubleshoot the meal situation for Thanksgiving break

Social Update

  • WINGO Recap

  • Overall it was a smaller, shorter event, but still very fun!

  • It was a great opportunity students, alumni, and families to interact with one another

  • Homecoming weekend events Recap

  • Also a great opportunity for students, alumni, and families to interact with one another

  • Good participation is all events

  • Chicago Wolves Game Recap

  • Around 35 students attended

  • Everyone who attended received free hats

  • Next Event is Dodgeball

  • It will be outside on the tennis courts

  • Cash prizes available

  • Emailing with campus safety about a Haunted House event

  • There will be a walk through with campus safety for 4th floor Lindner

Marketing Update

  • Tiger made the monthly update video

  • Share and like on social media

  • Ashton has been uploading event photos to the website

  • Kam is working on the JSO brand guide and weekly emails and meeting notes

  • Nina is continuing to design posters for all JSO sponsored events

Golden Pineapple Award

Winner: Teddy


This week: Abacuc

Next week: Amir


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