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Weekly Meeting Notes - 09.24.19

Student Service Award Voting

Homecoming Week

  • Monday: Jersey Day

  • Tuesday: JU Spirit Day

  • Wednesday: Gene Day

  • Thursday: Christmas in September

  • Friday: Groutfit Day

  • Saturday: Men's and Women's Soccer Games

Homecoming and Family Weekend

Clubs/ Student Advocacy Updates

  • Email is going out to all approved clubs tomorrow!

  • Club Fair

  • Thursday, October 10th from 11AM-1PM in Upper Commons

Student Advocate Updates

  • ESS & Business / Sebastian

  • Auto Show Internship Applications are out

  • Due October 1st

  • Job Fair

  • Thursday 4:30-6:30PM in at Riverside Cafe

  • Network Night

  • Thursday 6:30-8:30PM in the Lindner Reed Room

  • Art, Design & Architecture / Elizabeth

  • EMI Conference

  • October 9-10th

  • For Missions

  • Will be talking with professors about lowering the cost for students

  • Will be encouraging students to attend

  • Social Sciences / Amir

  • No new Updates

  • Worship Studies

  • Still looking for someone

  • Will be reaching out to profs. to find someone

3 for Free

  • Update: Weight Room Door has been fixed

  • Campus safety is working on getting the key cards reprogrammed

  • Update: Volkman parking lot lights are connected to a stationary box in the ground near the trees by the water

  • Plat Opts are currently working to get it out of the ground and fixed

  • Scanner for lower HAWAC isn't working

  • Scanner on the side of HAWAC doesn't work

  • Key card access need to be updated for campus safety

  • Lindner elevators seem to be malfunctioning more frequently

  • Volkman fire alarms are ineffective

  • Lighting needs to be improved around campus

  • Dumpsters by 15 min parking are full and there are raccoons living underneath it

Commuter President Updates

  • FIRST Event!

  • Free lunch at Chipotle, Thursday from 11AM-1PM

  • Connect with the commuter presidents and fellow commuters!

  • Commuter student surveys are out

  • New commuter lounge is still in progress

International President Updates

  • International Student Brunch

  • Sunday at 9AM

  • Six Flags Trip

  • Leaving at 11AM, for those who have signed up, directly after brunch

Social Updates

  • Homecoming Dance was this past Friday

  • Great response and turnout

  • Overall it was a success!

  • Special Family Weekend Event

  • WINGO from 6:00-6:45PM in the Lindner Tower Reed Room

  • Will be serving wings from Zaa Factory

Marketing Updates

  • Homecoming week posters and social media posts, Wingo poster and Commuter Chipotle poster

  • Homecoming Branding has wrapped up

  • Weekly email was loaded with various on campus events this week

  • Homecoming photos and video to come

Golden Pineapple Award

  • Winner: Grant


  • This Week: Ashton

  • Next Week: Abacuc


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