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Weekly Meeting Notes - 10.15.19

Welcome back from Fall Break!!

Clubs/ Student Advocacy Updates

  • Club updates

  • Simi / BSU

  • The Club Fair last Tuesday went well

  • Currently working with Dr. Sartor to set a meeting for next week

  • Tiger / Judson Creative Society

  • Next Event: A Knight of Murder: A Murder Mystery Party

  • This Saturday, Oct. 19th at 7:00pm in Studio B

  • Snacks will be provided

  • Adam / JU Improv

  • Planning to have a show in early November

  • Working to get new t-shirts

  • John / The Judson Bike Shop

  • Received a lot of good responses from the Club Fair

  • Is meeting next Tuesday at 7:00pm with AIAS for a possible partnership

  • They will be proposing a new bike structure next to Lindner

  • Leah / ESS Club & Special Olympics

  • Working on scheduling some more games for Special Olympics

  • ESS Club first meeting Friday

  • Helping host the blood drive on Oct. 28th

  • More details to come

  • Isabella / Kindness Club

  • First Event: Halloween Trick-O-Treat

  • They will be trick-o-treating for canned goods

  • Dress up and come on out to support a great cause!

  • Student Advocates

  • Amir / Social Sciences

  • Last Wednesday were the departmental meetings

  • Amir was able to attend the Math and Science one and is working with Dr. Curry to get notes from the Psychology meeting

  • Sebastian / Business & ESS

  • The Trade Show Club Industry in Chicago was last week

  • 80 Judson students attended

  • It was a great opportunity for students to network and try out different fitness equipment

  • Elizabeth / Design

  • EMI conference was this past weekend

  • 8 Judson students attend various days and sessions throughout

  • The overall event was great

  • Design Town Hall this Thursday at 11:00pm in HAWAC 221

  • Lunch will be provided

  • 5 professors will be present for the meeting

  • Worship Arts

  • Rev. Huntley Brown will be coming to Judson on Thursday

  • Students can sign up for free jazz piano lessons or life/vocational coaching

  • This is open to all students, sign up with Dr. Anderson in Thompson

3 for Free

  • App for the laundry machines on campus called Coin Mach

  • You can report when machines are down

  • Another app for checking laundry machine status has not been accurate

  • Follow-up on White Supremacy issue

  • Staff and Faculty want to have a conversation about the greater issue of racism for the campus

  • Dr. Sartor will lead the conversation and address issues/questions/concerns from the students

  • Will be held October 24th

  • Aubrey asked for what topics/questions would be beneficial to incorporate in the conversation

Commuter President Updates

  • New commuter lounge updates

  • The proposal has been finished and submitted to Ginny Guth

  • Presidents will be meeting with Ginny and a few others soon about it

  • Next Event: Dunkin Donuts

  • Commuters can stop in for a free drink and donut

International President Updates

  • There will be a mid-semester check in for all internationals with Joyce coming up

  • Next Event: Game Night on Nov. 10th at 7:00pm at Ginny Guth's house

  • There was a meeting last week to discuss meals for international students during Thanksgiving break

  • Rachel is working with other staff to try and figure out how many students will be on campus during that time

Social Updates

  • Dodgeball Tournament this Friday, Oct. 19th at 7:00pm on the tennis courts

  • Sign-up with teams of 5

  • Cash prizes will be awarded to winners

  • 2 raffles for $50 will also be given

  • You don't have to be playing to win

  • Pizza will also be provided

  • Haunted House Updates

  • It has officially been cancelled because the scheduled event is a week and a half out and campus safety has not given an official approval

  • Grant is looking into other haunted house in the area for students to attend instead

Marketing Updates

  • Tiger has been working with the social branch to create a dodgeball promotional video and is putting the finishing touches it

  • Posters for the Dodgeball event and Design Town Hall are up

  • The town hall poster was able to be also shared within the A&D community through social media

  • Email list is more successful than last year

  • Ashton will be at the dodgeball event to take pictures

Golden Pineapple Award

  • Winner: Elizabeth


  • This Week: Amir

  • Next Week: Jarod


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