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Weekly Meeting Notes - 10.29.19

Happy Halloween!!

JSO Evaluations

  • JSO Evals with your Supervisors will start in the coming weeks

  • Evals. due Nov. 8th

  • Pay Day!! On Friday, Nov. 29th

Club Updates

  • BSU

  • First meeting was last Wednesday

  • 14 people showed up

  • Went through the agenda and steps moving forward

  • Next meeting will be Wednesday, Nov. 6th

  • Bike Shop

  • Successful meeting last week

  • Dr. Sartor was present and is helping with the process

  • Everyone was able to visit the site at Lindner

  • Sketching and brainstorming session

  • Will be showed on social media soon

  • Special Olympics

  • Reached out to other colleges in the area and heard back from some

  • Hoping to set up games in January

  • JU Improv

  • First show of the year: Thursday, Nov. 7th

  • Posters coming soon

  • JU Business Society

  • Shoebox collection Christmas gifts

  • Contact Riley Rosser if you want to donate

  • Kindness Club

  • First Event: Trick-O-Treating for canned goods

  • Will be meeting outside of Volk

  • Come dressed in costume!!

Student Advocate Updates

  • Business & ESS / Sebastian

  • Auto Show Internship acceptance letters will be sent out soon

  • Design / Elizabeth

  • Town Hall Update will be sent out recapping everything discussed during the meeting

  • Working with profs. to get that out

  • Social Sciences / Amir

  • Education applications are due Monday, Nov. 4th

  • Make sure to get background checks done!

  • Worship Studies / Election process & timeline

  • Will be putting out marketing materials soon

  • Hoping to hold elections in two weeks

  • A lot of interest already

  • Only open to worship studies and communications studies majors

3 for Free

  • Water filter in lower chapel has been changed

  • Prioritizing where workers are stationed in the caf based on the day and time

  • App and the menu on the app is never accurate

  • CPO has not been updating students about when packages arrive

  • CPO has not been organizing the packages like they should

  • Plant Opts is not responding and fulfilling work orders in a timely fashion

  • Could Plant Ops have better communication when they are coming?

Commuter President Updates

  • Dunkin Happy Hour event recap

  • 36 commuters came out

  • Commuter lounge meeting was last Wednesday with Larry wild, ginny Guth, and library staff

  • Looked at a new spot for the lounge within the library

  • Create room has been cleaned out

  • Will be working on revamping and possibly renaming it

International President Updates

  • Mid-semester check in last Thursday

  • 20 students showed up

  • Shared what has been going on this past semester

  • Working on next event for Nov. 10th

  • Meeting with Ginny an Joy on the final details

Social Updates

  • Haunted House recap

  • Big turnout!

  • Next event: Open Mic Night from 7:00-9:00pm in Upper Commons

  • 2 costume contest winner will receive gift cards

Marketing Updates

  • Monthly Update video was filmed last week

  • Photographer position open

  • Social Media gift card giveaway

  • Weekly email, posters, and social media posts

Golden Pineapple Award

  • Jarod

Hot Seat!!

  • This week: Sebby

  • Next Week: Caleb


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