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Weekly Meeting Notes - 01.14.19

Welcome back! We're excited for second semester!

Club Updates

  • Creative Society

  • Will meet to talk about the upcoming transition

  • Feb. 23rd, Worship Night

  • Will be inviting churches from around the area to lead worship

  • Judson Bike Shop

  • No new updates

  • Business Club

  • Added 10 new business students

  • Shotick will be connecting with those students soon

  • Special Olympics

  • Pack the Place last Thursday was really successful

  • Another game tonight at 7:00pm against Elmhurst College

  • BSU

  • Currently looking for another Staff/Faculty sponsor

  • First meeting to continue the conversations from last semester

  • Kindness Club

  • Working on branding and event planning

  • JU Improv

  • Planning for the first meeting of the semester

  • Planning a few events for this semester

  • Planning a community event

  • 2 shows

3 For Free

  • More comfortable furniture for Upper Commons

  • The washers and dryers in Volk are still out for repair

  • Heater is not working in the Math & Science Center

  • Wires are hanging down on the path to Lindner Tower

  • Some little maintenance things around campus

JSO Meeting Brainstorm

  • A more guided/structured 3 for Free segment

  • Giving us prompts/things to think about beforehand

  • Passing the Golden Pineapple Award throughout the week

Social Updates

  • Special Olympics Recap

  • Really good turnout and impact

  • 103 total attendees

  • JSO Movie Night

  • This Friday, January 17th, Cinemark at 9:30pm

  • 1917 is currently winning in votes

  • Upcoming Event: Glo Bowl

Marketing Updates

  • Nina has been working on a lot of posters for the various events

  • Micah took photos during the Special Olympics event

  • New Google form for students to submit events for the Weekly Activities email

  • JSO Brand Guide coming soon

  • Tiger will be filming the Student Rally video today

  • Brainstorming new ways to freshen up the Monthly Updates video

  • Presence

  • Showing the breakdown of data for the most recent JSO sponsored event

  • Will be using this app at all events now

  • Will be using the data to better cater to the students who come to the events

Student Advocate Updates

  • Business & ESS / Sebby

  • Meet with Prof. Pouch about the new hires

  • Jeremy Butler will be hired as a new prof. for ESS

  • Looking to hire another person as well

  • Art & Design / Elizabeth

  • Working on getting all of the schedules out for Shop and the FAB Lab

  • Hoping to meet with Dr. Sartor about things for this coming semester

  • Social Science / Amir

  • Working on contacting more of the profs.

  • Finalizing the proposal for the research guide with the library staff

  • Some confusion on how to operate a new system being used by Dr. Halverson

  • Will be working on creating a tutorial of some sorts

  • Worship Studies / Gavin

  • Heard back from Dr. Anderson about extending the hours for Thompson

  • Dr. Anderson will take the proposal, touch it up, and send it off to be reviewed

  • Town Hall will be held on January 30th

  • Will work on solidifying the details

Commuter President Updates

  • ZZA Factory Lunch in Upper Commons, Thursday, January 16th from 11:00am-1:00pm

  • Pizza and wings

  • Flooring has been finished in the new commuter lounge

  • Planning an official ribbon cutting ceremony for February

International President Updates

  • Planning for the first meeting of the semester

  • Will be welcoming 7 new international students

  • Planning on having a meeting to discuss an event in March similar to the Taste of Judson

Student Leader Rally

  • Wednesday, January 22nd in Creekside at 9:30pm

  • Please bring two people you think would be good for Student Leadership


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