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Weekly Meeting Notes - 01.21.19

Student Leader Rally

  • Tomorrow night at 9:30pm in Creekside South

  • JSO will have a Cafe Revive Coffee Cart

JSO President Election Season

  • Applications open on Wednesday, January 22nd and close Friday, January 31st

  • Nominations are on Tuesday, February 4th

  • Presidential Forum will be held on Tuesday, February 11th from 12:00-1:00pm

  • Online voting will take place from February 11th-13th

  • President-elect will be announced on Friday, February 14th

Club Updates

  • Judson Business Society

  • Looking at next week to hold a meeting

  • Working on recruiting more to the club

  • BSU

  • Will be meeting with a couple people for admin details this week

  • Next week they will be going to see Just Mercy

  • JU Bike Shop

  • Had an event with the Elgin Bike Hub this past Sunday at Arabica

  • Same event will be held again on Monday, February 16th

  • Will be fixing a couple more bikes this week

  • JU Improv

  • Still in the process of sorting out events for this semester

  • Kindness Club

  • Planning a Feed My Starving Children event

  • Planning a couple trips to local shelters

  • Special Olympics

  • Game at Elmhurst today

  • Regional Games will be in the coming weeks

  • Creative Society

  • Next Event: Community Worship Night

  • Saturday, February 22nd at 7:00pm

  • Will be inviting students from Judson and churches around the area for a night of community worship

Special guests Belinda Adame and Susan Weber from the Wellness Center

  • New Counseling Request form

  • It will help the Wellness staff decide if the need is a crisis or not

  • If it is not, they will schedule an appointment with you within a couple of weeks

  • New Healthy Boundaries group

  • An open group that lasts for 4 weeks

  • Chapel credit is available

  • New Grief group in March

  • 8 weeks long

  • Chapel credit is available

  • Let's Talk - A open conversation group

  • First come first serve

  • Students can bounce ideas off of someone

  • Free of charge

  • In March they will be accepting more insurances

  • New doctor hours and times

  • Information has been updated on their website

Social Updates

  • 1917 Movie Recap

  • Was able to rent out entire theatre

  • Weather posted a little bit of a problem for attendance

  • Movie was good overall

  • Survey seemed to work really well

  • Glo Bowl this Friday, January 24th at 9:00pm in Marengo

Marketing Updates

  • Nina: Movie, Glo Bowl, Student Leader Rally, and JSO President posters

  • Kam: Weekly email

  • Tiger: Student Leader video

  • Tiger: Monthly update video coming soon

  • Micah: Student Leader Rally photos on Wednesday, Glo Bowl photos on Friday

  • All photos will be uploaded to the FB page and website

  • Kam: Working on the JSO Brand Guide

Student Advocate Updates

  • Business & ESS / Sebastian

  • Alumni will be coming to campus to offer professional support/advice

  • Time slots have first been offered to upperclassmen and will open to everyone else soon

  • Design / Elizabeth

  • A replacement has been found for Prof. Amundson

  • He will be working with Prof. Amundson throughout this semester for training

  • Will be meeting with Prof. Sartor

  • Social Sciences / Amir

  • Research guide is being put on hold

  • Worship Studies / Gavin

  • In communication with Dr. Anderson to get nighttime studio hours extended in Thompson

  • Still working out the details for a Town Hall

  • Possibly set for Thursday, February 6th

Commuter President Updates

  • ZAA Factory Lunch Recap

  • Great turnout

  • Were able to have good conversations with the commuter community

  • Commuter Week event is in the works

International President Updates

  • First Event: Pinstripes on Friday, January 31st from 7:00-9:30pm

  • Joy Krispin will be bringing an Immigration lawyer to talk with graduating students about after college things

  • Meeting will be held tomorrow

Team Encouragement

  • New pin encouragement system instead of the Golden Pineapple Award

Days Off

  • No Tuesday Meeting on February 11th due to the Presidential Forum

  • No Sunday Meeting on February 2nd due to the Super Bowl


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