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Weekly Meeting Notes - 02.25.20

Announcement of the 2020-21 JSO President - Nikki Dobson!

  • Will be helping conducting executive team interviews this week with the current exec team

Club Updates

  • BSU

  • Next Event: Black History Month Movie Discussion

  • Will be showing "Drawn Together" today in Thulin Auditorium at 6:00PM

  • JU Bike Shop

  • Will be sponsoring the JU Ripstick Club

  • Picked up a new donation from a connection made at the last bike ride event

  • Is hoping to have a film showing of "Motherload" soon

  • Judson Business Society

  • Will be having a meeting later this week

  • JU Creative Society

  • Worship Night was last Saturday

  • Really good turnout; was a great night

  • Sending out promo for JU's Got Talent Video Auditions

  • Kindness Club

  • Will be moving the Feed My Starving Children event to later in the semester

  • JU Improv

  • Community Night of Improv was last Tuesday night

  • Small but good turn out

  • Hoping to have similar events in the future

Feedback from last Wednesday's Chapel Incident

Social Update

  • Worship Night Recap

  • $33 was donated along with a lot of canned goods

  • There was a good variety of JU and non-JU attendants

  • Off for Spring Break this weekend

  • Spring Dance will be the Friday after Spring Break

  • Will be a Starry Night theme

Marketing Update

  • Abby

  • Light social media week bc the Creative Society did a lot of promo

  • Kam

  • Weekly Student Activities email

  • Weekly meeting notes

  • Proofed the Presidential Forum notes

  • Working on finishing the Brand Guide and starting the

  • Tiger

  • Working on the personality video

  • Working on Commuter Appreciation Week video

  • Planning for the Monthly Update video

  • Nina

  • Waiting on details for the upcoming Business & ESS Town Hall

  • Micah

  • Took pictures from Commuter Appreciation Week and the Worship Night

  • Uploaded to FB and the website

Advocacy Update

  • Design / Elizabeth

  • Chair presentations for the sophomores

  • Heard back from the internal and external candidates

  • Architecture Career Fair was last week

  • 18 firms came

  • Mid-program review and Senior Intermediate Critique was this past week

  • Business & ESS / Sebby

  • Town Hall will be March 17th, hopefully

  • Awaiting confirmation from profs

  • ESS chapel day in the Fitness Center this Friday

  • Social Sciences / Amir

  • Planning a meeting for March 19th

  • Worship Studies / Gavin

  • Final stages of getting the hours extended for Thompson Hall

  • A lot of adjunct professors within the department and students are upset with the fact that all of their classes are at night

  • Will be meeting with Dr. Anderson about this

Commuter President Updates

  • Commuter Appreciation Week was last week

  • Huge success!

  • The grand opening was great

  • The commuter students expressed a lot of excitement

International Presidents Updates

  • Event at Joy's house was this past Sunday

  • Working on getting details organized for the big international event in March

Team Encouragement


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