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Meeting Notes 09/01/20

Opening Prayer

Club Updates

  • Advocacy branch will be working on a google form for clubs to apply, we will be partnering and funding clubs

3 for Free – time to express concerns about campus

  • Chapel, check your email from Chris Lash

  • Student should create an account on the presence website >, sign in and press apply to earn after you watch the video, answer the questions to get credit

  • PlantOps work order problems

  • JSO will work on finding a way for communication in fulfilling work orders & keeping students updated on the progress

Social Update

  • Bonfire – high attendance, screening and entry could be improved so no one sneaks by, make sure we are logging people in

  • Upcoming Outdoor movie – Avengers End Game, Upper Commons 8pm

  • Max. 150 people

  • Popcorn and drinks provided, people will be spaced out 6ft within a square, rows and aisles for traffic flow

Issues/Notes from Bonfire:

  • reminding/enforcing masks

  • good turnout of freshman and returning students, good mix of student population

  • positive energy/atmosphere of the event

  • next event – limit of people, figuring out a way to dismiss people at the end, hard to keep up with the number of people at the event, having campus safety there to help enforce rules, letting students know that we will have limits – set the capacity and post it on social media to aware students that they could be turned away

  • meeting the new students – branching out, difficult to meet people while trying to enforce and take on tasks of security

  • supplies: ran out of water ¾ of the way

  • Good response for social media, sharing it

Advocacy Update

Damaryan: Advocacy VP

  • Writing draft for introducing athletic coordinator in advocacy branch

  • Meeting with Campus movie fest for film/media producing for events, working with them for BIPOC week possibly

  • Sunday branch meeting - coming up with schedules, ad campaigns will be posted in departments for each student advocate

Sofia: International

  • Working on getting connected with Joy Krispin (International Programs Coordinator)

Amir: Humanities

  • Looking forward to more connectivity with JSO and students across different views and beliefs

  • Received responses from 2 profs.

  • Introducing advocates, received 1 teacher schedule to set up a meeting

Natalia: Business Management

  • Connections via email with profs., awaiting responses

  • Excited for networking and communication within the business community

Paige: Art & Design and Architecture

  • Working on emails, gotten a lot of responses from profs., still working on getting connected with the new Interim chair for Architecture

  • Working on prices for internet programs with Prof. Carl

Marketing Update

Nina: Marketing VP

  • Project management, setting up due dates/schedules for posters, printing, social media uploads - will be shared with team on Sunday meeting

  • First video: everyone on JSO, introductions, more info coming soon

  • Ordered business cards for future events, will have them by Sunday possibly to hand out

Micah: Videographer

  • Photos for Move-In/welcome week

  • Familiarize with video editing programs

  • Working with Nina on Introduction video

Kaylie: Creative Director

  • Sent out the Student Activities email on Sunday, creating new graphics for the email and social media links

  • Working on updating the rest of the JSO website

  • Working on graphics for social media post for Movie Night to post on Friday

Liz: Social Media Manager

  • Posted stories and graphics on JSO Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Riley: Marketing Assistant

  • Will be sending out the budget

  • Reminder: don’t need to use all of the money, it will roll over to the next semester

Katelyn: Photographer

  • Took headshots and team photo, updated on website

Naomi: Graphic Designer

  • Bonfire graphic

  • Avengers poster

  • Social media poster for more publicity on socials

  • Designing the business cards for the September events

  • Working on business cards and posters for Student Advocates

Closing Prayer

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