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Meeting Notes 09/08/20

Opening Prayer

Club Updates

  • Working on club applications and club manual

  • Go on the website, fill out application, Exec team will decide on 6 clubs to sponsor

  • JSO manual- sets guidelines for what the clubs have to do, club representative will come to weekly meetings, needs a sponsor, prepaid gift card (new) for the club budget

  • Will send a link in the Sunday email, posters around campus for marketing about creating clubs

  • By mid-Sept. we will have a list of the clubs published

3 for Free – time to express concerns about campus

  • Trash outside the dining hall - groups sit outside when capacity is met, the current one is getting filled up – we will reach out to PlantOps to see if they can pick up trash more regularly

  • New air conditioners in Volkman are being installed, some weren’t working/making noises

  • Commuters couldn’t get into Commuter Lounge during open hours

  • Are commuters allowed to eat in the dining hall? We will check to see if they can but due to capacity limits, they will probably not be able to

Social Update

Teddy: VP of Social

  • Movie Night this Friday, Avengers Endgame

  • Upcoming events: Taco event, Top Golf, Chick-Fil-A

Advocacy Update

Damaryan: VP of Advocacy

  • Finalizing dates for advocates for meetings and event dates

  • BBQ of the Majors, each major would have event for every student

  • Introducing the majors to their specific advocates, handing out business cards

Amir: Humanities

  • Spoke with some of the chair departments within his department, 1 meeting scheduled

  • Meeting with new advisor for BSU to discuss future plans

Natalia: Business Management

  • Picked out dates for Town Halls, will verify with the profs. and chairs next week

  • Attending business major meeting tomorrow

  • Watching live feed for ESS (happening concurrently)

Marketing Update

Nina: VP of Marketing

  • Posters for movie night, printed and hung up on Thursday

  • Posters for social media will be hung up this week

Micah: Videographer

  • Continuing planning for team introduction video

  • Assigning parts, making a list of props

Kaylie: Creative Director

  • Sent out the Student Activities email on Sunday

  • Updating graphics for social media post for the Movie Night on Friday

  • Posted meeting notes on website

Riley: Marketing Assistant

  • Contacting businesses to get student deals

  • Final budget - will be sending it out to everyone on JSO

  • Separate budget for exec team for 1-on-1’s

  • Make sure everyone is putting the event on receipts

Katelyn: Photographer

  • Waiting for events to take pictures

Naomi: Graphic Designer

  • Working on Taco Tuesday poster

  • Top Golf flyer next

  • Finished advocate business cards and posters

  • Potential posters for clubs, contact

Closing Prayer

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